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Oil Remover From Concrete Sunrise

The Benefits of Anti-Slip Tile Sealer

Tile flooring is a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces. But, tile flooring requires a few extra steps when it comes to safety. Whether you’re treating the tile in your bathroom or you’re addressing the needs of commercial tiling…

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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

How to Choose the Best Industrial Floor Coatings

You need the best solutions for your flooring, and industrial flooring is no different. At CoverTec Products, we offer the very best industrial floor coatings for businesses and flooring of all types. Whether you’re protecting concrete, tile or even vinyl,…

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Concrete Floor Cleaning Sunrise

Prolonging Flooring with Ceramic Tile Sealer

There are many reasons to choose ceramic tile flooring. This low-cost flooring option brings flexible styles and durable structures. But ceramic tiles and sensitive grout can age prematurely when they’re being worn away by foot traffic, vehicles and other strains.…

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