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Where Can I Find The Best Oil Resistant Cleaner And Sealer?

Where Can I Find The Best Oil Resistant Cleaner and Sealer?

As a national and international supplier of surface sealing and cleaning products, at CoverTec we encounter a lot of questions about how our products compare to the competitions. Our products are highest in quality and have environmentally safe solutions. They are water based and of a higher standard of professional grade chemicals. Our oil and stain resistant sealer is one of our highlighted products that you will not find many places.

For those who work with an exposed porous surface along with oil, are you aware that the cleaning you believe you are doing doesn’t really clean anything at all. Instead, your cleaning processes like grinding and shot blasting are forcing the oil further into the pores of the cement rather than relieving the oil and dirt. The degreasers you are throwing your money away on are only spreading the oil around rather than removing it, which causes a problem on its own. And the sealant you believe is protecting your cement unfortunately does not protect against agents like oil. It is simply water resistant. That doesn’t help much when you are trying to keep a stain free floor.

At CoverTec our products include deep cleaning agents that are specific to the different porosity of your floor. Using cleaning products that are specific to your floor is important in ensuring the floor remains it’s cleanest. This is the same for your sealers. If you are not sealing your floor with the most effective products, you will not get the results you are looking for. Our concrete sealers are resistant to both oil and chemical solutions.

Our products utilize fluoropolymer resins and cross link with waterborne polyurethane, which offers excellent stain resistance. With our long lasting oil and stain resisting products you will be wondering why you took so long to purchase our materials. There really isn’t any comparison when you are looking for quality products in the industry.

You will notice that your concrete looks way cleaner after using our products. All of the regular dirt, grease, oil, and chemicals that used to sink into your concrete are now easily cleaned off of our sealer. Products like our CoverClean cleaners address more surfaces than you could ever imagine. We already mentioned oil contaminated concrete, but the list goes on:

  • Mastic Reside
  • Hard tile floors
  • Grout and Tile floors
  • Mold and Mildew

Visit our online store now and purchase the best stain resistant sealing products in the industry. You won’t believe you have been using those past products for so long! You’ll see the difference and will become a believer in CoverTec products immediately after use!

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