Ceramic Tile Sealer

More homeowners in South Florida are now choosing ceramic tile flooring for their homes. And why not? Ceramic tile provides your home with beauty and makes an enduring surface for both flooring and wall covering. But to get the most out of your ceramic tile floor, it must be properly sealed. CoverTec has its own line of ceramic tile sealer, which keeps your floor looking great and easy to maintain for years to come. CoverTec’s Glaze Guard is the perfect tile sealer for any ceramic tile, porcelain or stone surface.

South Florida’s climate and environment can punish your home’s building materials—including your floor. Heavy humidity and UV rays can cause your ceramic tile floor to discolor and turn yellow. Glaze Guard is a high-gloss sealer which enhances your ceramic tile floor by restoring its color and luster. One of the advantages of using Gaze Guard is its durability. It’s long lasting and doesn’t need to be applied frequently. Unlike other ceramic tile sealers, Glaze Guard gives your floor a sleek appearance while also providing anti-slip/non skid surface. Due to the high humidity levels in South Florida, there’s always the threat of mold and bacteria. Glaze Guard not only slows down the their growth, it also prevents grout from becoming soiled, discolored or stained.

Glaze Guard ceramic tile sealer is available in gloss, satin and matte finish. A one quarter container covers 100 square feet while a one gallon covers 400 square feet. With free shipping and handling anywhere in the continental United States, it’s both affordable and convenient.  Ceramic tile floors offer a variety of benefits including:

  • They’re easy to maintain
  • Ceramic tile is adaptable to nearly any application
  • They’re cost effective
  • A wide variety of installations
  • They’re extremely durable
  • Easy to repair
  • Their style can adapt to any décor
  • Easy to install
  • Offer design flexibility
  • Improve your home’s resale value

Choosing the right ceramic tile sealer can help your floor look as good as new and save you money. To learn more about Glaze Guard, call CoverTec’s support team in Sunrise, FL at (754) 223-2465 today or send an email to mail@covertecproducts.com