High build fast cure flexible epoxy base coating

Flexible Epoxy

CoverShield E500

CoverShield E500 is a fast set, flexible, two-component, 100% solids (zero VOC), self-leveling epoxy coating used to prime and seal floors prior to the application of a topcoat system.  When mixed with aggregate it can also be used as an epoxy repair mortar.

Internal and external use

Test Data

Property Typical Results
Compressive strength ASTM D695 9,100 psi
Flexural strength ASTM D790 5400 psi
Tensile strength ASTM D638 4,800 psi
Bond to concrete ASTM C882 >300 psi
Abrasion resistance ASTM D4060 CS-17 wheel/500 cycles Loss 32 mg loss with 1000 gm load
Impact resistance MIL D3134 Passes


Theoretical Coverage

160ft² (15m²) per 10mils (0.25mm) thickness per gallon. Actual coverage will vary with surface profile.

Application Properties

Application temperature 60-95°F (15-35°C)
Pot life 30 minutes at 77°F (25°C)
Tack free 2 hour at 77°F (25°C)
Hard cure 12 hours at 77°F (25°C)
Recoat window 2 to 24 hours at 77°F (25°C)


Amber brown.


2 and 10 gallon kits.

 Shelf Life

12 months when stored between 41°F (5°C) and 86°F (30°C) under shade in a dry environment.

 Surface Preparation

CoverTec Surface Preparation Guide must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only. Concrete must be fully cured and at least 28 days old. It must be structurally sound (200psi or greater ASTM D4541), clean (ASTM D4258), and dry (less than 5% ASTM D4263). It must have moisture vapor transmission of less than 3lbs/24 hr/1,000ft², (RMA Test Method). The surface profile should be prepared in accordance with ICRI Guide 03732 to a minimum of CSP 3 by abrasive blasting or hydro blasting. Remove contaminants before blasting.


This product has a limited pot life; complete all preparations before starting to mix. Pour the entire contents of Part B into Part A. Mix with a Jiffy Mixer and slow speed drill for 3 to 4 minutes. Scrape the sides of the container several times to ensure complete mixing. Keep the mixer blades submerged to avoid introducing air bubbles.

Note: This product does not need any induction time

and can be used immediately after mixing. Pot life is

approximately 30 minutes at 77°F (25°C) and 10

minutes at 85°F (29°C). Do not mix more material

than can be applied within this time period. CoverShield E500 is designed for use without thinning


Floor and ambient temperature must be between 60 and

85°F (16 to 29°C) during application of the coating. Apply E500 by pouring a ribbon of material directly onto the floor. Spread the epoxy out evenly using a solvent resistant 3/8” (10mm) roller or a smooth or serrated squeegee to the desired thickness, between 10 and 100 mils (0.25 to 2.5mm). Apply slowly to minimize bubbling. Use a porcupine roller to release entrapped air.

For a fine texture slip resistant surface, uniformly broadcast washed, dry, rounded 70 to 90 mesh silica sand into the wet topcoat at a rate of 3 to 5 pounds per 100ft² (0.15 to 0.25kg/m²). For a coarser textured surface, broadcast 40 to 50 mesh silica sand at a rate of 4 to 10 pounds per 100ft² (0.19 to 0.5 kg/m²). Backroll to encapsulate and distribute the aggregate. Sweep up or vacuum excess aggregate immediately after the first coat has dried.

Curing Time

Finish coats can be applied as soon as the primer is tack free, usually 2 to 3 hours under normal drying conditions [75°F (24°C) at 50% relative humidity]. If recoating is done when temperatures are 80°F (27°C) or above, the recoat time will be reduced because ofthe accelerated cure. If E500cures longer than 24 hours before top coating, the surfacemust be abraded and solvent wiped to remove the sheen for the topcoat to adhere properly. Clean upusing acetone or MEK. Cured material must be mechanically removed.

As an epoxy overlay

Floor and ambient temperature must be between 60 and 85°F (16 to 29°C) during application of the coating.  Apply mixed E500 onto the substrate with a notched squeegee at a rate of 80ft² per gallon (2.0m² per liter). Place the epoxy in a continuous operation. Keep the wet edge moving forward and place the second mix immediately behind the first mix. Broadcast the specified aggregate immediately but stop to maintain wet edge. Typically, the aggregate should be angular grained quartz sand, basalt or aluminum oxide with less than 0.2% moisture and free of dirt and clay. The silica sand or basalt should have a minimum Mohs scale hardness of 7 unless otherwise approved. Broadcast the aggregate at a rate of 50lbs/100ft² (2.5kg/m²). After initial cure of first course, remove excess aggregate. Do not open to traffic. Apply the second course in the same manner but at an epoxy rate of 60ft² per gallon (1.5m²per liter). Broadcast the aggregate at a rate of 50lbs/100ft² (2.5kg/m²). The maximum recoat window between first and second course is 24 hours.

 As an epoxy binder

Mix the two components of CoverShield E500 using the recommended mixing procedures. Slowly add up to 5 parts by volume of oven dry sand to 1 part of the mixed resin. For larger applications, a paddle type (mortar) mixer may be used after the epoxy has been previously mixed with a drill and paddle.

Prime areas to receive the epoxy mortar using neat resin. Place the epoxy onto the repair area and level with a trowel or float.

Parking Deck Waterproofing Systems

CoverCoat DW System

CoverCoat DW is tough flexible resinous waterproofing system with extreme nonslip, wear resistance and compressive strength. This system creates an ultra durable, UV resistant, flexible waterproofing system specifically develop for parking decks. This parking deck waterproof system combines the benefits of Flexible Epoxy resins and Polyaspartic technology providing superior adhesion, crack bridging, abrasion resistance, UV stability and chemical resistance.