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CoverShield VS1 Fast Drying 1 Part Coating H/Gloss


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Location : Interior
Task : Floors
Application : Microfiber Flat Mop
Surface : Vinyl, Terrazzo, Concrete, Natural Stone, Linoleum
Base : Water
Drytime : 30-45 Min.
Coverage : 1500 to 1800 ft²/gal
Finish : Gloss

CoverShield VS1, 1-Part Vinyl Floor Coating - High Gloss, Fast Drying Clear Clear Coat

A highly durable clear gloss floor sealer for Vinyl, Rubber and Terrazzo surfaces.

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Do I Need To Seal Vinyl Floor Tiles?

Vinyl tile, Rubber and Terrazzo flooring are very porous materials. They need to be protected from dirt and debris, to keep the surfaces hygienic, as well as from their patterns and colors being worn off.

You can also seal it to lower your maintenance costs.  Using a traditional wax will be very expensive. It involves lots of stripping and waxing. As a result, your ongoing maintenance costs will be significant.


What Is Covershield VS1 Vinyl Tile Sealer?

CoverShield VS1 is a water-based urethane, modified acrylic sealer. It’s developed for sealing vinyl, rubber and Terrazzo flooring.

It’s a hard-wearing, fast-drying sealer that has:

  • Good wear-resistance
  • Good scuff-resistance, and…
  • Good chemical resistance.

It useful anywhere you have vinyl tile, rubber or Terrazzo flooring exposed high foot-traffic.

For example:

  • In a school or educational facility
  • In a hospital
  • In an institutional facility, like a prison or correction center
  • In assisted living homes
  • Etc.

Some rubber flooring examples include:

  • Sports floors
  • Gym floors

These surfaces are everywhere and a high quality vinyl and rubber floor sealer is essential to maintaining their appearance and safety.  The benefits of using CoverShield VS1 are you get a harder-wearing, longer-lasting seal over your surface.

The end result of that durable, protective seal is that your floor is easier to maintain than if you used a plain acrylic sealer or wax.

IMG - Gym floors
IMG - Gym floors - 2

Why Is Covershield VS1 Better Than Retail-Store Brands?

CoverShield VS1 is better than retail brands because of the way we formulated it.  It contains a very high quality acrylic (one of the newest, most advanced type of these chemicals), and it’s fortified it with a very specific urethane.

After rigorous real-world testing and refinement, the combination yielded a sealer that provides:

  1. A high degree of wear-resistance
  2. Significant resistance to dirt pickup, and
  3. Very strong chemical-resistance.

These benefits all result in a longer-lasting seal over surfaces, so you don’t have to keep stripping and waxing them. This alone saves you valuable time and maintenance costs.

It also makes floor surfaces safer, because slipping and other accidents typically occur when stripping and waxing floors.

How Do Typical Vinyl Tile Sealers Work?

Typical vinyl sealers are acrylic-based. Often, they’re comprised of softer acrylics because the goal is to achieve a high shine.  They’re applied in multiple layers or coats – usually four or more – to get a high sheen.

Covershield VS1 is a very different, urethane-fortified acrylic.

It contains a higher percentage of acrylic than retail brands, which produces a much harder seal on the floor.  The result is greater surface protection, tougher wear-resistance and higher chemical-resistance.

The bottom line is that VS1 makes the floor easier to keep clean and attractive.  Your costs and labor will decrease because you no longer need to strip and wax as often to keep the floor clean or “presentable.”

On top of this, the safety of the surface is increased because wet, slippery floors during cleaning increases hazards significantly.  Using CoverShield VS1 is how you can minimize these risks drastically.

Why Use Covershield VS1 Instead Of A Store-Bought Product?

Covershield VS1 is much more durable, harder-wearing floor sealer than what’s typically available in a retail store. It’s fortification with a urethane and it’s higher solid content increases the durability and chemical-resistance of the seal on your surface.

Applying a sealer like Covershield VS1, you’ll reduce the frequency of having to strip the floor.  In fact, if you combine prepping the floor surface with a CoverTec cleaner – like SurfaceTreat – then applying VS1 afterward… you can eliminate the stripping altogether.

What kind of cost savings would that mean to your maintenance budget?

VS1 is also more scuff-resistant than store brand sealers. You’ll find fewer black heel marks on the floor, and those present will be very easy to clean off.

It’s a one-part sealer, with virtually no odor, and it’s environmentally friendly. It takes 20-30 minutes to dry, which is much less than retail sealers need. As a result, your downtime between coats is less… meaning you can get the job done faster. It’s high durability makes it useful in very high foot-traffic areas like ariports, schools, busy offices and retail environments.

It’s strong chemical resistance also prevents substances like alcohols, sanitizers and everyday liquids from staining or damaging the surface in those busy everyday scenarios. It also provides some water-resistance to manage spills. In average cases like this, VS1 can prevent “water-whitening” or stains.

Most store brand sealers are very susceptible to any liquid or chemical spilling on the floor.

IMG - School - 3
IMG - Airport - 3

What Are The "Do's And Don'ts" When Using Vinyl Tile Sealers?

The first thing to ensure success with VS1 is making sure the floor is clean.  If the floor is badly worn, beat up or yellow, then you need to clean it off and get it to a presentable condition.  If it’s just a dirt issue on the floor, use something like CoverTec’s SurfaceTreat to cleanse without having to strip the floor.

If the floor has wax or an existing finish applied to it, it must be stripped off.  Again, the reason for apply VS1 in the first place is to eliminate the need to strip over a few year period… but the floor must be clean and dry before you apply it.

Key Point:

We strongly recommend you make sure the seams between the floor tiles or sections are completely dry.  If the surface is very porous or worn out, consider using something like CoverTec’s PrimeSeal Fast Drying Primer and Sealer.

It will prime the floor and even out the surface, which improves VS1’s ability to seal and protect at the highest level. The next step is to apply the VS1 with a flat microfiber mop. ( The most effective and easy method to apply the product. )  Spread the product across the surface in thin coats, anything from 800 to 1500 square feet per gallon. If we didn’t mention it, VS1 has very high coverage.

We recommend a minimum of 2 coats. Typically we suggest using 3 to 4 coats for the highest sheen. Each coat will take about 20 to 30 minutes to dry. (Much faster than retail store sealers.) Please make sure the last coat you applied is dry before applying the next one. After the last coat you apply, please wait a minimum of 2 hours before exposing the surface to foot traffic again.

After application of the product, ongoing maintenance is very easy. Using something like GlossClean pH Neutral Cleaner or the Surfacetreat to cleanse that floor without having to strip it.

1 GAL PrimeSeal product (1)
1 GAL GlossClean product

Here are some DON'Ts when using Covershield VS1:

1) Do not apply the product too thick.

– It’s designed to be applied in cycles of “Thin coat…fast dry. Repeat thin coats until done.”

2) Make sure that the applicator you’re using (a flat-mop or other tool) is clean, and it’s damp.

– Using a dry applicator, you will cause the VS1 to gum up. So make sure that the microfiber applicator is damp or wet.
Also, use clean water. Using dirty water will only spread the contaminants across your surface.

3) Obviously – as a recap – don’t apply VS1 on a dirty floor.

4) Don’t apply subsequent coats to the surface without making sure it is still clean.

5) After the floor is dry and back in use, don’t use harsh chemicals to clean or maintain the surface.

We recommend you use water-based or neutral pH cleaners on the surface. Just as important, you do not to strip it to maintain it.

Why Does Covershield VS1 Have A Shelf Life?

Let’s distinguish between Shelf Life and POT Life.  A product’s POT life relates to how LONG you have to USE the product.   Shelf Life is how long you can STORE the product before it GOES BAD.

Since VS1 is a ONE-PART product, it really doesn’t have a POT life. You can use the product, and any left over solution can be saved for another time.

With regard to Shelf Life, CoverTec recommends a 12-month period because there is water in the formula. Eventually that water will evaporate and the VS1 will get thick. We also suggest that you store the product in a cool place.

DON’T let it get frozen, or store it at hotter than average temperatures. Following these guidelines, you should get about 12 months of shelf life with the product.

What To Consider When Selecting A Vinyl Tile Sealer?

Before selecting a tile sealer, consider the following questions about the surface’s exposure conditions:

  1. What is the foot-traffic like?
  2. Are there lots of heel scuffs and marks?
  3. Is the surface exposed to dirt or animal soils?
  4. Is there chemical exposure like sanitizers, alcohols, etc.?
  5. Is the surface exposed to oil, food grease, or chemical dyes?

The exposure conditions, presence of chemicals, foot traffic and potential for stains, etc. are all instrumental in choosing a sealer that supports floor safety and maintenance.  At the end of the day, the product you use should help keep the floor clean, slip-resistant and safe without ongoing stripping and re-sealing.

CoverTec designed VS1 to handle all of these concerns, while freeing customers from the massive overhead of repeated stripping, waxing and re-sealing.  And this is all possible with a product that is environmentally friendly.


  • Reduces floor stripping
  • Less re -application
  • Hard wearing
  • Fast drying
  • Odorless
  • Reduces floor care costs
  • Maintains gloss
  • UV stable
  • Slip resistant
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • VOC compliant
  • Excellent abrasion resistant

Typical Uses

  • VCT
  • Epoxy and cement Terrazzo
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Interior use only

Shelf Life

12 months when stored at 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area. Protect from freezing.

Theoretical Coverage

Smooth surface 1000-1500 ft²/gal (24.5-36.7 m²/l)

A two  or three coat application is recommended for best performance.

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