CT-50 Concentrate Powerful Tile and Concrete Cleaner


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CoverClean CT-50

Super Concentrated Cleaning Crystal Technology


Super strength powder 4 oz. per gallon

High pH formula to clean off heavy soils

Powdered oxygen to lift and remove stains

Enzyme fortified to attack organic residue

Fortified with D-limonene natural solvent

Prevents redepositing of particulates

Rinses freely and easily with water

100% Biodegradable

Typical Uses

All purpose cleaning of:

Ceramic and Porcelain Tileand Grout

Oil and grease stained concrete

Natural Stone and Grout

Shower walls

Restrooms and Locker rooms

Garage floors and driveways

Mold and Mildew

Grout Stains

Wax and grease

Scum on ceramic tiles

Shelf Life

18 months when stored under shade in a dry environment


Apply CT-50 with a spray bottle, brush or mop. Be sure to thoroughly wet the surface.
Allow CT-50 to dwell on surface 10-15 minutes. Agitate the surface by scrubbing with a stiff brush or scouring pad for best results. Badly soiled surfaces may need a second application. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Read the CoverClean CT-50 Cleaner Technical Data Sheet

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