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GlazeGuard® High Gloss Sealer For Porcelain, Stone And Ceramic Tiles

Ultra Durable Clear Sealer for Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Tile

What Is GlazeGuard® High Gloss Sealer For Porcelain, Stone And Ceramic Tiles?

If you use a product for sealing ceramic or porcelain tile that’s not designed specifically for that surface, the problem is that it’s going to lift and peel.

Standard surface sealers need to absorb into the surface. Ceramic and porcelain are so dense that you won’t get that result.

You need something that’s got some adhesion promotion that will allow you to bond to the surface. Similarly, if you use penetrating or impregnating sealers, they need to soak into the surface.

You can’t achieve that with a dense ceramic or porcelain tile. So it will not change the sheen, and it will also wear off very quickly.

Now if you use something like the GlazeGuard® Gloss, this is designed specifically to bond to that surface. It will provide a nice film across the tile and the grout. and a high sheen, wet look that will last for many years.

Why Is GlazeGuard® Gloss Better Than Other Sealer Products?

Our GlazeGuard® Gloss porcelain and ceramic tile sealer is a two-part polyurethane sealer designed specifically for bonding to ceramic and porcelain tile.

Three reasons that GlazeGuard® Gloss is better than standard floor sealers are:

1) It will bond to ceramic and porcelain tile. We have an adhesion promoters in it that allow it to bond to those impermeable surfaces.
2) It is a two-part product that cross-links and makes the seal over the surface very dense and very durable.
3) And it contains a high percentage of polymer, which results in a very hard wearing very long lasting barrier.

What Specific Components Of GlazeGuard® Gloss Provide Superior Results Consistently?

The components in GlazeGuard® Gloss are proprietary, but essentially we have adhesion promotion technology that allows for covalent bonding to a very dense ceramic or porcelain tile surface.

We use urethane technology, which is very durable, UV resistant, and it’s two parts create a very tough cross link that produces an industry leading seal over the tile and grout.
And the amount of polymer in the product, almost 50% solids, which is much higher than standard floor finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to repair or recoat GlazeGuard?

GlazeGuard is a tough clear sealer and very hard wearing. It tends to keep its shine for a long time but it can still be scratched. Especially if you drag sharp objects, like heavy kitchen appliances or point loads like table legs or chair legs.

To spot repair or recoat entire area it is not necessary to strip the sealer, you just need to sand or scrub the surface clean so it can be top coated. Sand with 120 grit sand paper or scrub with black pad and GlossGlean neutral cleaner. Clean off the dust or residue and apply a top coat. For more detailed instructions see GlazeGuard Maintenance instructions

Cleaning GlazeGuard?

GlazeGuard when fully cured has a hard surface so dirt does not easily stick to it. You don’t need to use aggressive cleaners. An part of maintaining your floor is to use dust mop or “swiffer” type microfiber mop to keep sand and dirt off the floor. After that to wash the floor you can use neutral clean or mild liquid detergents, light vinegar solutions, or light ammonia solutions.

Stay away from solvents like Paint strippers, Acetone and Xylene. If you do have use concentrated cleaners/degreasers. Clean up residue right away. In general make sure all standard floor cleaners are diluted in accordance with manufactures instructions. For more information see GlazeGuard Maintenance instructions.

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