Concrete Floor Coating Systems

concrete-floor-coatingsCoverTec concrete floor coating systems combine the ease of installation with the required toughness and durability for challenging industrial and chemical environments. In addition with this toughness and durability CoverTec concrete floor coating systems can be installed in a variety of existing colors. CoverTec coatings, offer some of the best stain protection in the market and are highly chemical resistant.

Our Coating Products Include

Our Coating Products Include

CoverTec has developed Primer OS to specifically address oil contaminated concrete and stop the debonding of coatings and floor toppings. Primer OS is extremely effective against oil bleedback in contaminated concrete. Primer OS is a chemically enhanced penetrating epoxy primer which when applied to a surface prepared substrate results in extremely high density, oil tolerant, high solids chemical barrier coat that penetrates deeply into the concrete preventing the migration of oil and “bleedback” through concrete slabs and walls.

Top coats and floors and toppings can all be applied the next day.

Heavy Duty Oil Resistant Clear Sealer

Cleaning Stained Concrete Sunrise
Oil Resistant Sealer

CoverShield U140 is a Heavy Duty Protective Clear Coat that hardens and seals concrete floors, producing a tough oil and stain resistant surface. Use for industrial and commercial concrete floors CoverShield U140 treatment is fast drying, water based with very low VOC and virtually no odor. The finish and easy application is perfect for facilities that require maximum protection against oil and stains and a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The coating system is designed for harsh and high abuse conditions including forklift traffic and large equipment abrasion, chemicals, chemical spills and heavy foot traffic. CoverShield U140 is typically used for protecting concrete in light to heavy manufacturing, parking decks, food service operations and warehouses.

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Concrete Floor Coating Systems

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