Low Odor Coating Stripper
CT – Powerstrip – Non Etching Acid Based Cleaner for Tile and Grout

CT-PowerStrip is non-hazardous stripper for coatings, sealers, paints, varnishes. This product is safe to use, has very low odor, is cost-effective, and will handle almost any finish.

It is perfect to use on concrete, wood, and most other hard substrates.

The best way to apply the stripper is with a mop. The surface should be completely wet with CT-PowerStrip. A a roller, brush, or other type of applicator may be used, but a mop is the easiest.

Removal of the coating should be performed with scrapers, high-pressure water, or a low-speed buffer with strip pads or brushes. After the coating is completely removed, clean the surface with soap and water. The slurry can be removed with a wet-vac.

CT-PowerStrip should be applied at a rate of 75- 200ft²/gallon.The actual cover will vary depending on the thickness of the existing coating. CT- PowerStrip is available in 1 gallon (3.8 liter) and 4 gallon (15 liter) pails.