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Emerald Floor Maintainer & Enzyme-Based Cleaner


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Location : Interior/Exterior Floors
Task : Clean Slippery Floors
Application : Wet Mop Spray Bottle Auto Scrubber
Surface : All Surfaces Not Harmed by Water
Base : Neutral pH Mint Fragrance
Drytime : Dries Film Free
Coverage : 2 oz/gal
Finish : Green Clear Liquid

Emerald Floor Maintainer & Enzyme-Based Cleaner - An Eco-Friendly, Microbial Enzymatic Cleaner, Degreaser And Floor Safety Solution

A deep cleaning, advanced eco-friendly, enzyme cleaner for all hard floors including quarry tile, ceramics, concrete, brick, vinyl, laminate, sealed wood, and other water-safe surfaces.

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Why Use Emerald Floor Maintainer & Enzyme-Based Cleaner

If you’re a facility manager, restaurant-owner, homeowner or a janitorial company dealing with slippery floors that are subject to…

  • Oil and grease contamination
  • Pet stains
  • Odors
  • Organic matter soiling the floor…

You should consider using Emerald Floor Maintainer & Enzyme-Based Cleaner.

It’s a very powerful microbial cleaner that will break down the oils and grease.  It will remove the contaminants and odors from the floor in a single-step cleaning operation.

There’s no need to rinse the floor. It will soak into the surface – both tile and grout – and continue working for about 24 hours.  It will leave the floor much less slippery, odorless and free from bacteria.

Ultimately, it will make the floor or surface much more hygienic, and much easier to maintain.

Which Everyday Signs Call For Using An Enzyme Floor Cleaner?

If you have a floor – porous tile or any other hard surface – that needs regular cleaning because it gets greasy and slippery, or it traps odor or bacteria… these are the signs that you could use an enzyme-based cleaner.

Emerald Floor Maintainer will deep-clean those surfaces without leaving a residue.

It will eliminate the slipperiness, remove the odor and the bacteria from the surface.

What Is An Enzymatic Cleaner... And What's The Benefit Of Using One?

An enzymatic cleaner is a normally a pH neutral cleaner that contains an enzyme or microbe that will break down organic matter.  Things like:

  • Fat and grease oils
  • Organic matter
  • Pet stains
  • Pet residue
  • Etc.

It will remove or eliminate them by consuming them.  This means:

  1. There’s no residue left behind to result in a slippery surface.
  2. There’s no odor.
  3. There’s no bacteria left on that surface.

How Do Typical Enzyme Based Floor Cleaners Work?

Enzymatic cleaners work by breaking down organic matter or contaminants that are on the surface of your floor.  They contain microbes that will consume those elements and completely remove them from the surface.

Standard de-greasers and cleaners – like a solvent – only THIN OUT the oils, fats and contaminants to spread them over a larger area.
As a result, they leave a residue on the surface.

Using an enzyme-based cleaner, those contaminants are consumed by the microbes – typically until nothing is left behind for them to eat.
As such, there’s no residue left on the floor in the floor to create slipperiness, discoloration or unpleasant odors.

Is It Safe To Use Enzyme Floor Cleaners With Pets Like Dogs And Cats?

Enzymatic-based cleaners – like Emerald Floor Maintainer – are also very safe to use around animals and pets.

  • It’s got a neutral pH, so it’s not harsh or corrosive.
  • It won’t damage the floor.
  • It won’t burn skin.
  • It doesn’t need to be rinsed off
  • It won’t harm animals or pets.

It contains naturally occurring enzymes that SAFELY break down contaminants without leaving a residue behind.

Why Is Emerald Enzyme Floor Maintainer And Cleaner Better Than Retail Brands?

The main advantage of the Emerald Enzyme Floor Maintainer is that it’s a SINGLE STEP cleaning solution.

You simply mop the floor with the cleaner, or you apply it to the surface with a pump-up sprayer.

It will soak into the porous surface and grout. It will continue to break down the organic matter for up to 24 hours after you’ve applied it. And it won’t stop working until those contaminants are gone.

With nothing left to consume on the floor surface, there won’t be any residue to cause slipperiness or odors.

Compare this to store-bought cleaners or a typical enzyme cleaner from retail outlets. They usually require multiple cleaning steps and rinsing to achieve the same result.

Customers prefer to use Emerald Floor Maintainer and Cleaner because it saves them excessive time and labor in keeping their surfaces clean and odor-free.

We weren’t joking. Using Emerald Floor Maintainer is really a single-step cleaning solution.

Simply dilute it to the required amount.

  • Typically for daily cleaning, apply 2 ounces to every gallon of water.
  • If you need to deep-clean or remove heavy contaminants, increase the dosage to 4 or 6 ounces to every gallon of water.

Then either mop the solution onto the floor, or spray it on with a pump-up sprayer.

Make sure it’s spread it around evenly, and let it soak into the tile and grout.  It will break down and consume bacteria, odors, fat and grease.  With these substances thoroughly consumed and gone, your floors will be much safer, less slippery and odor-free.

Does Emerald Floor Maintainer Have A Shelf Life Or Storage Guidelines?

Our Emerald enzyme-based floor cleaner contains living microbes. They are very effective over a 12-month period.

After 12 months, they lose their effectiveness in cleaning, eliminating odors, breaking down grease and consuming bacteria. This is why we put a 12-month shelf life on the product.

It’s also important to store it in a cool environment.  It’s not a good idea to freeze the living microbes. However, we also don’t recommend placing the product in areas that get above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal temperature to store the product is around 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • No Rinse formulation
  • Increases traction
  • Dries film free
  • Neutral pH
  • Breaks down fat grease and oil
  • Residual enzymes prolong cleaning action
  • Safe and biodegradable
  • Leaves room clean smelling
  • Will not strip or dull finished floors
  • Cleans without polluting

Typical Uses

  • Quarry Tile and Grout
  • Bathrooms and  Restrooms
  • Health Clubs
  • Changing Rooms
  • Walls and floors
  • Entrance ways and Lobbies
  • Any Hard Tile Surface
  • Wood and Laminate
  • Counters, Sinks and Plumbing
  • Country Clubs
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Interior and Exterior

Shelf Life

12 months when stored at 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area. Protect from freezing.


Sweep floor to remove any loose debris.  Mix Emerald at 1-2 oz. per gallon of water. Dilute with cold or warm water. DO NOT dilute with hot water. Mop or flood the floor with diluted cleaner so as to SATURATE the entire floor. Allow the diluted cleaner to SIT on the floor (at least 5 minutes) until the solution has had enough time to penetrate the soil. Scrub floor with a deck brush or other stiff bristled brush. Squeegee remaining water into the floor drain. DO NOT RINSE. Allow to air dry.

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