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Concrete & Terrazzo

CoverTec concrete floor coating systems combine the ease of installation with the required toughness and durability for challenging industrial and chemical environments.

In addition with this toughness and durability CoverTec concrete floor coating systems can be installed in a variety of existing colors. CoverTec coatings, offer some of the best stain protection in the market and are highly chemical resistant

These products are used by commercial resdential and industrial customers to seal, protect and improve the performance and durability of new and existing concrete.

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Our Coating Products Include

Concrete Floor Coatings From CoverTec Products

Contractors and consumers choose our concrete coatings, sealers and cleaners because they provide professional-grade results at a lower cost than competing store-bought brands. Here are some typical questions customers ask us before buying.

Are Concrete Floors Naturally Slippery When Wet?

Concrete floors can be slippery when wet. It really depends on the profile of the concrete. If it’s very smooth – like a polished concrete for example – it can be slippery if water gets onto it, or if oils are spilled on it, it can be very slippery. If you have a textured profile – like a broom finish for example – it will be less slippery when wet.

CoverTec provides coatings that can increase the slip-resistance of a concrete floor. We have topical coatings, surface treatments and other products that can go on a very smooth concrete floor, and not change the performance, but provide very high traction.

If the floor is naturally slippery – whether wet or dry – CoverTec has products for BOTH interior and exterior concrete surfaces.

What Is A Concrete Floor Coating?

The main function of a concrete coating is to seal the surface, protect it and extend the life of the floor. We also use them for safety reasons, such as increasing slip-resistance, and to beautify the building or the facility.

At CoverTec, we focus heavily on safety, protection and maintenance of floor surfaces. The core rationale for us creating industry-leading coatings is to make a customer’s floor easier to clean, easier to maintain and also much safer.

Our products can beautify as well. More specifically, we can pigment the floor coating, and improve the sheen of the surface. But to reiterate our mission, our main focus is improving the easy maintenance and safety of concrete floors.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying A Concrete Coating?

The biggest benefit of using a concrete coating is providing protection for the floor. Concrete is inherently porous. This means that moisture can get into the concrete and result in stains. Exposure to chemicals can also produce the same unwanted result. Aside from this, concrete can also be worn down.

A high quality concrete floor coating will produce a protective seal that:

  • Keeps moisture from absorbing into the surface
  • Prevents chemicals from penetrating the floor, and
  • Makes the surface more wear-resistant.

On top of these benefits, you also get a beautification of the area treated.

Do Concrete Floor Coatings Come In Different Colors Or Finishes?

Concrete coatings can come in different colors and different finishes. It can make the surroundings brighter, more colorful, or more reflective.

You can select solid colors. You can mix flakes with colors to provide a different look to the concrete. You can stain the concrete and then seal over it with clear coats.

At CoverTec, we’ll factory pigment epoxy coatings and our urethanes. We also supply color packs that you can mix at the point of application.

Are Concrete Floors Expensive To Maintain If They Haven’t Been Coated?

Concrete floors can be very expensive to maintain if they’re not coated. Concrete itself is inherently porous, so it can be easily stained. It can also be worn down and damaged.

Putting a protective layer on the surface cuts down the likelihood of any of these problems occurring. It also makes cleaning and maintaining the surface cheaper and easier.

If the concrete is stained, you’ll need to use expensive equipment and chemicals to keep it clean. You may need to grind down the surface to remove those stains.

This process is very disruptive, and keeps people out of work, commercial or retail areas, and shuts down industrial work areas as well. It’s extremely difficult to avoid these problems without a seal or coating to keep those chemicals out of the concrete floor.

CoverTec offers clear sealers, as well as solid colors.

Our coatings:

  • Maintain surface appearance longer
  • Cut the costs of cleaning it
  • Reduce potential damage
  • Increase floor slip-resistance
  • Extend the life of the floor.

Customers notice the benefits above in the short term – and long term.

Can You Put Polyurethane Over Painted Concrete Floors?

You can apply polyurethane over painted floors, but there are some considerations.

First, there’s the surface prep involved.

You must make sure that you prepare the painted floor, so that will accept the urethane. Normally this requires a sanding of the surface, then some form of cleaning.

Second, you need to make sure the urethane is compatible with the paint.

For example, if it’s a solvent-based urethane, you have to be careful about using it with a water-based or latex paint.

Third, you need to consider how strong the bond is to the concrete.

If the paint is well-bonded to the surface, you’ll achieve a good outcome. However, if the paint is loose or flaking – or not well-bonded – the urethane will stick to the weak surface, and they’ll both lift off.

Most importantly, your result will only be as good as the paint’s adhesion to the surface. That’s critical.

The bottom line is, when applying a polyurethane over painted concrete floors:

  • Good surface prep is key
  • The urethane & paint must be compatible
  • The paint must be well-bonded to the surface.

Are Industrial Or Commercial Concrete Coatings Different To Those Used In a Home?

Industrial coatings are generally different to the floor coatings that you’d use in the home. They tend to be two-part products. They usually require more surface preparation, and they also have higher solid content in them.

They’re going to be exposed to high traffic, more chemicals and more aggressive exposure conditions. As a result, these products need to be heavier duty, harder wearing and more chemical-resistant.

The products used in the home need to be:

  • Easier to apply
  • Safe for consumer & pet contact
  • Produce low VOCs and less odor.

All these criteria must be considered, especially when they’re being used by:

  • Homeowners or consumers
  • DIY users.

Typically, these users do not have access to the same heavy-duty protective gear or equipment a contractor would use in an industrial situation.

CoverTec provides the consumer some of the benefits of an industrial coating. We call them professional grade coatings. We make them easy to apply for anyone, but formulated to be much tougher than the standard sealer or coating you’d get in a big box store.

Is There A Difference Between Exterior And Interior Concrete Floor Coatings?

There is a difference between interior and exterior flow coatings. Exterior floor coatings must be UV-resistant and weather-resistant. This minimizes or eliminates the chances of them changing color as a result of their properties breaking down when exposed to UV light, weather conditions or temperature changes.

With an interior application, you don’t face those same conditions. As a result, exterior coatings are formulated to be more heavy duty, and exhibit much tougher properties than the interior products.

Epoxy coatings, for example, work very well for interior applications. However, in exterior settings, they’re going to break down from the UV light. You’ll see color changes. You’ll see them breaking down.

An acrylic or a urethane can be used for both interior or exterior applications. These products have good UV-resistance. As a result, you can use those products inside the facility and outside.

What Are Some Typical Applications For Concrete Floor Coatings?

There are many situations where a concrete floor coating would be useful. On the industrial and commercial sides, customers are focused on protecting and sealing the floors against chemicals, grease and stains. Areas in which would benefit heavily from a professional grade coating include:

  • Workshops or garage floors
  • Maintenance areas
  • Factory floors
  • Industrial facilities (either inside or outside)
  • Gas stations
  • Parking areas
  • Etc.

Inside the home, we can use coatings anywhere there are concrete floors. Typical situations include:

  • Decorative concrete (very popular currently)
  • Concrete countertops
  • Etc.

We can use concrete floor coatings and sealers outside residential properties as well. Some of these areas include:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Decorative concrete
  • Concrete pavers

Here, we can use our concrete sealer products to protect those surfaces, provide slip resistance, and also to beautify the area.

Commercial facilities like airports, hotels and restaurants typically have high traffic concrete surfaces.
Not only concrete, but also natural stone.

Many of our concrete products can be used on natural stone. They are also porous, and very susceptible to staining. They can also get very slippery. Covertec products were designed not only seal and protect concrete, but also natural stone.

The bottom line is, whether you have commercial, industrial or residential concrete surfaces that need protection, we’ve got solutions for your specific situation.

Are Concrete Floor Coatings Easy For D.I.Y. Consumers?

As a manufacturer we try to make concrete floor coatings easier to apply, easier to use for DIY customers. We make them easier to mix. We try to make them single coating products, instead of two-part solutions. And we try to make them:

  • Less expensive (with regard to the solid content that’s in the product)
  • Less surface prep (on the customer’s part).

At CoverTec, we work hard to get that balance right and produce high quality coatings that serve the customer. In our opinion, even though it’s a DIY customer, we still want something that’s going to last a long time and will be easy to maintain. That’s our idea of providing professional grade products for the average consumer.

With that said, there are some trade-offs. Sometimes, instead of a single-part product, we provide a two-part product, requiring the customer to mix it. In this case, the amount of surface prep needed is minimal.

There’s no need for heavy grinding or renting expensive equipment to prep the floor. CoverTec also makes cleaners that support preparing the surface so that the application is more long term, and provides more durability.

Our products are also formulated to provide a professional finish on concrete surfaces. Years ago, we committed to using a higher quantity of polymer or solids in our products than competing brands. This would ensure much more durable protective barriers on a concrete surface when using a CoverTec product.

Again, CoverTec is focused on providing consumers and DIY-ers the benefits of an industrial or commercial coating, with much less prep, equipment needs and minimal cost.

How Would You Guide Someone On Selecting The Proper Coating For Their Concrete Floor?

Customers frequently call our support team at Covertec for guidance on choosing the right concrete floor coating for their specific situation. Our team will typically ask them 3 questions that reveal the optimal product solution. Those questions are:

  1. What are the exposure conditions?
  2. Are there any product limitations?
  3. What are the aesthetic goals of the application?

How Would You Guide Someone On Selecting The Proper Coating For Their Concrete Floor?

Customers frequently call our support team at Covertec for guidance on choosing the right concrete floor coating for their specific situation. Our team will typically ask them 3 questions that reveal the optimal product solution. Those questions are:

  1. What are the exposure conditions?
  2. Are there any product limitations?
  3. What are the aesthetic goals of the application?


When it comes to exposure, is the application inside or outside of the property?

  • Are there any chemicals in the immediate surroundings?
  • Does the area experience high traffic or low traffic?
  • Are there issues with slipperiness of the surface?
  • These considerations help us narrow down the list of products in the selection process.

Product Limitations

With regard to product limitations, we need to consider the following:

  • How long can we shut down the area being treated? (Think of entrance ways and high traffic areas.)
  • Are there limitations on odors? (Think of hospitals, schools, cafeterias, etc.)
  • Are there temperature settings we need to factor into our product choice? (Think of frozen storage facilities, commercial food kitchens, etc.)
  • This added layer of questions will guide us to an even narrower list of potential products for a customer.


Lastly, we consider the aesthetics desired for the application.

  • Is it a specific color the customer is looking for?
  • Is there a specific level of sheen for the finished surface?
  • Is the goal to maintain the current level of color and sheen?

By taking the customer through this discovery process, our experts can point customers to a product – or a group of products – that suit their specific situation.

Our goal is to give customers the best bang for the buck.

What Is The Best Bang For Your Buck?

CoverTec is focused on providing customers very durable concrete floor coatings that last a very long time, at very affordable price points. We believe that getting that balance right is how to offer customers real value.

For example, our CoverShield U140 is a thin coating that penetrates the surface, leaves a thin film with minimal surface prep, and it is highly chemical resistant. It costs approximately 1/3rd of the retail price of a standard Epoxy product, and the protective seal will last 5 to 10 years under regular use. This product is just one of CoverTec’s entire line-up which provides an incredible result, with a massive cost savings or “bang for the buck.”

Again, there will always be trade-offs. It’s a clear sealer. It’s not extremely pretty. However, it’s very functional, offers great slip-resistance, and it gives you that bang for buck value.

Our penetrating sealers also offer massive results at a low price point. These products that can be easily applied, as long as the surface is absorbent.

CoverTec products generally contain 20% to 30% higher solid content. And they are more active solids than what you’ll find in off-the-shelf brands, which means that they’re going to last longer, and be more effective.

Again, we provide them at a price point that’s equal to – or lower than – many of our competitors. With a CoverTec product, you’re getting the best bang for the buck, with a longer lasting result at a very cost-effective price.

Concrete Coating Products From CoverTec:

CoverShield Oil Stop System

A highly effective and proven system for cleaning and sealing oil contaminated concrete.


CoverGrip System

CoverGrip is a cost effective and less decorative version of CoverQuartz with a more industrial look. It uses non-colored quartz crystals as its aggregate and pigmented coatings as its topcoat saving on material cost.


CoverFlake System

CoverFlake is a cost effective, highly durable, decorative flooring system using CoverFlake vinyl chips as its decorative aggregate.


CoverStain System

An economical stain and seal alternative to stained polished concrete flooring with all of the benefits of resinous flooring.


CoverQuartz System

CoverQuartz is an ultra durable decorative flooring system with extreme impact, wear resistance, and nonslip characteristics using CoverQuartz colored quartz crystals as its decorative aggregate.


CoverShield System

An industrial self-leveling resinous flooring system that creates a high gloss, smooth, seamless and ultra-durable surface.


Heavy duty Epoxy In colors

Tough high build epoxy color coat used for a variety of surfaces including concrete, metal and wood. Very low odor high solids epoxy.

Learn More »

Heavy duty Oil and stain resistant sealer

Highly effective Protection to concrete against oil, brake fluid, and petroleum based solution. Developed for warehouse and work shop concrete. Highly Wear resistant hold ups to fork lift traffic.

Learn More »

Oil Stop Primer for heavy oil contamination

Stops oil bleed back from oil contaminated concrete, prevents stop the deboning of coatings and floor toppings.

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Water based epoxy color coat

Low odor epoxy coating for concrete wood and vinyl surfaces. Easy to apply. Fast drying, with a variety of colors.

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Flexible epoxy primer underlay

Fast drying flexible epoxy for parking decks and industrial flooring.

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