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How to Apply a Tile and Grout Sealer to Ceramic Tile

Issues associated with dirt build up, mold and mildew, odor, slip and fall, can all be reduced or eliminated by installing a high performance clear sealer to both the ceramic tile and grout. However there are very few clear sealers that will bond to a glazed or ceramic tile. CoverTec has developed some specific products and cleaning methods to apply a clear tile and grout sealer to ceramic tile without adversely affecting the appearance of the tile. Surface Cleaning The ceramic [...]


CoverTec Products Carries High Quality Floor Coating Products

CoverTec Products is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products. It is one of the best places to get concrete floor coating in Sunrise, FL that can supply facilities with fast turnaround, tough, durable, and low odor coatings. CoverTec Products in Sunrise, FL has concrete floor coating systems available for homeowners and business owners who would like to coat or seal their floors. The concrete floor coating systems that are provided by CoverTec Products [...]

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Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Strong with a Chemical Resistant Sealer in Sunrise

Concrete often seems indestructible. Its strength and durability make it the perfect outdoor surface, whether it’s for your driveway, sidewalk or for your patio. But just like anything else, nothing lasts forever. When constantly exposed to South Florida’s extreme heat, humidity and rainy weather, concrete will eventually begin to crack and show signs of wear and tear. But now there’s a way to keep your concrete surfaces lasting long and looking their best. CoverTec Products has designed a complete [...]


Is it Time to Upgrade my Industrial Floor Coatings?

Flooring is never the first thing on your mind when it comes to caring for your business. But at CoverTec Products, we know that your industrial flooring is incredibly vital to your business. With the right industrial floor coatings, you can help increase safety, extend your flooring longevity and you can even lower maintenance costs. That’s because the right industrial floor coatings can protect a wide range of surfaces while providing added resistance, sealant and slip defense. But, how [...]


How Can Industrial Floor Coatings Reduce Costs?

When you’re running a business, profit is all about controlling costs. At CoverTec Products, we’ve discovered a cost that most businesses don’t take into account- their flooring. Not the installation of flooring, but rather the long-term costs. We know that flooring can be costly to maintain and clean when it becomes stained, and industrial flooring is especially susceptible to such wear and tear. Though you may think these maintenance costs are inevitable, you can protect your industrial flooring from [...]


Keep Your Floors Safe with Mold Resistant Coating Products in Sunrise

Do you cough or sneeze frequently? You may not know it. But there may be several hidden dangers in your home, which cause you to get sick. One of the most common is mold. When mold spores produce toxic substances called mycotoxins which can cause respiratory problems when ingested. Most people usually think of mold forming on walls and ceilings when there is excessive moisture. But the most common source comes from your floors. To help keep your floors [...]

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Which Floor Tile Sealer is Right for Me? 

Tile flooring is popular in commercial and residential applications. Tile is relatively low cost, yet it can be truly long lasting. At CoverTec Products, we know that increasing the longevity of your tile flooring starts by applying a floor tile sealer. GlazeGuard is our most popular floor tile sealer, it’s available in gloss, satin and matte finishes. This sealer can keep your tile in shape for the long run. It’s easy to buy the best floor tile sealer, just shop [...]

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What are Tips for Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete? 

There are many reasons to consider concrete surfaces. This time-tested material is ideal for interior and exterior applications. But the porous nature of concrete leaves it susceptible to oil staining and damage. At CoverTec Products, we offer popular products designed to get oil off concrete. Cleaning oil off of concrete can be laborious without the right products, but we have microbial cleaners that can make the job easy. If you’re looking to recover concrete surfaces from oil damage and staining, it’s time [...]

VinylGuard can protect vinyl, rubber and VCT flooring.

Do I Need VCT Wax? 

Vinyl composition tile, known as VCT flooring is an economically friendly flooring option that brings impressive style. Many people invest time and money into applying vinyl floor wax to keep their vinyl in shape. But at CoverTec Products, we know there’s another way to keep your VCT flooring in shape. In fact, with our products, you won’t need to constantly apply VCT wax. If you’re looking to keep your vinyl flooring at its best with effortless maintenance, it’s time to [...]

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Why Invest in Tile and Grout Sealer? 

There are many reasons you may have chosen tile surfaces. Tile is common in homes, businesses, hospitals, production facilities and restaurant kitchens as well. Tile is truly everywhere, and it’s been around for centuries. While revamping the look of your tile can transform a space, what exactly can be done to keep your tile in shape for as long as possible? Can tile be made safer with less likelihood of slip and fall incidents? What can be done to [...]