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Featured Product of the Month

CoverShield U140 : Professional Grade Clear Sealer

Covershield U140 is an oil, stain, chemical and scratch resistant sealer.
It's extremely easy to apply as you can see from our video and can be used on a variety of surfaces. That's why it's been chosen as our product of the month

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CoverTec products are designed primarily for flooring applications roof and wall waterproofing and industrial or commercial maintenance.

CoverTec Products, a Florida based company, was founded in 2009 in the midst of the recession in the USA.  Construction was down and customers wanted to protect and prolong their existing assets.  This was a period of preventative maintenance rather than new construction.

As far as floor coatings was concerned the demand was for high value, tough, durable, protective products.  CoverTec was set up to meet this demand.  The use of floor coatings and sealers played a key role in the surface protection.

We specialize in solving coating and sealing problems. Our focus is to:-

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Provide more effective surface cleaning
  • Improve floor safety
  • Increase oil and chemical resistant

If we can help, please contact us! We can troubleshoot any issues with problem floors and offer an effective solution for your project.

  • Vinyl Guard hard wearing non slip clear gloss sealer for VCT and Terrazzo
  • Glaze Guard high traction non slip clear floor sealer for Ceramic Tile , Porcelain and Stone
  • PEN55 Stain and oil resistant clear penetrating sealer for advanced protection of concrete, brick and stone
  • CoverClean Industrial strength microbial cleaner for oil, fat and grease contaminated substrates

CoverTec is committed to green building and LEED certification contributions. We are a member of the US Green Building Council, and have products with a range of approvals including Energy Star, USDA and NSF.

We Offer High Quality Floor Sealing Products

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