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Cleaning Stained Concrete Sunrise

Tips for Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete

Driveways are one of the first parts of your home that other people will see. They’re the leading focal point to your front door or garage. Unfortunately, many driveways are chock-full of stains caused by oil, dirt, or grease. While many companies sell products that claim to work, very few of them are easy to use. Even fewer get into the crevices you need them to. At CoverTec, we know that cleaning oil off of concrete isn’t an easy adventure. That’s why our team set out with a goal to deliver efficient products at affordable rates. Here are a few tips for cleaning oil off of your concrete driveway!

Don’t Risk the “Do It At Home” Methods for Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete

If the oil on your concrete flooring is really bothering you, chances are you’ve searched for a few home remedies online. Various sites call for mixing ammonia, baking soda, oven cleaner, and even Kool-Aid into a mix. While we do not doubt that it could help with surface stains, we also know that there’s a much better and easier way to go at it. Instead, at CoverTec, we offer products that are easy to use, and highly efficient.

Choose CoverTec for Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete

Our number one piece of advice at CoverTec is to go the more dependable route. Sure, you can mix a concoction, but why not choose something a bit more straightforward? At CoverTec, we’re a team of engineers and scientists that look for molecular methods. Concrete is porous, and that means that cleaning will need to take place on a micro scale. Our products are infused with microbial cleaners that will get into the layers that you cannot.

If you’re ready to make your driveway the cleanest one in your neighborhood, go to our website today at From cleaning oil off of concrete to making your driveway stay in excellent conditions for years to come, we’re a team you can trust.

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