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ColorStain UV Resistant Semi Transparent Concrete Stain Concentrate


A specially formulated non-reactive semi-transparent super concentrate color that will penetrate and color most porous surfaces. It can be mixed in water, acetone, or denatured alcohol. 

Compatible with all CoverTec water-based, solvent-based, single and two component products, including urethanes, polyaspartics, acrylics and epoxy clear sealers.


  • UV resistant
  • Compatible with overlays, as a topical stain
  • May be applied over previously sealed surface
  • Low Odor
  • Fast Air Dry
  • Low VOC
  • Interior and Exterior application


Main Uses

  • Concrete floors and other porous substrates.
  • Polymer modified overlays and microtoppings
  • Over existing sealed surfaces
  • Decorative concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Bricks and concrete pavers


3 fl.oz  Super concentrate that makes 1 gallon & 15 fl.oz  Super concentrate that makes 5 gallons.


Dilute concentrates using water, acetone, or denatured alcohol.


400-600 ft2 per diluted gallon (9.8 -14.7 m2 per liter)  depending on porosity of the concrete. High porosity concrete will be on the lower end and trowel finished concrete will be on the higher end.

Determine if the concrete is porous with a simple water test. If the water drops in and darkens the concrete immediately, then prep may not be necessary. If the surface is a troweled surface, mechanically grind, sand, or chemically etched the concrete to open the pores for better penetration of the stain. If there is a sealer present and in good condition, apply a drop of acetone on the surface and rub with a finger to determine if the stain will penetrate when mixed in acetone.  Surface will get sticky or tacky when rubbed, indicating that it can be penetrated with acetone.


All the colors have been specially formulated to produce most durable UV and alkali resistance.  All the colors are totally compatible with one another in both the wet and dry stage. See ColorStain color charts for available colors.

Application Method

Application is easiest with a pump sprayer with a conical tip. Tip size of .05 to .15 gpm at 40 psi is recommended to reach coverage rates of 400-600 s.f. per gallon.

There may be residue left on the surface, most notably when the carrying agent is acetone, and when applied to a surface that has low porosity. You may wish to remove the excess residue with a white buff pad when working on a flat surface, but not necessary on broom-finished concrete.


Brush/Sea Sponge Application: For application areas where coverage and product control are warranted, apply ColorStain with a sea sponge or traditional bristle brush (e.g. corners and walls). Using this method of application may result in the appearance of mechanical lines.

Note: Roller application methods force absorption resulting in mechanical lines.

Secondary/Highlight Color: To achieve increase color depth or mottled appearance. A secondary or highlight coat can be applied as soon as initial ColorStain color is dry to the touch (approximately 15 minutes).  All ColorStain colors are compatible, thus can be mixed, sprayed simultaneously and layered to achieve a desired appearance.


  • Do not use on Non-porous substrates (e.g. metal, resin, fiberglass)
  • Do not use for severe cold weather applications
  • Do not apply in rain or wet conditions or at temperatures below 45°F (7°C) or above 105°F (40°C)
  • Do not use in areas of constant water submersion.
  • For polymer overlay systems, water is not recommended for dilution.
  • Roller application methods force absorption resulting in mechanical lines.


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15 fl. oz. Super Concentrate, 3 fl. oz. Super Concentrate

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