Call us When You Need to Clean Oil from Concrete

We’ll Professionally CLEAN OIL FROM Your CONCRETE Surface Oil stains on concrete flooring are not only an eye-sore, but it also can eventually damage the floor.  Concrete is very porous, but it’s noting that CoverTec can’t handle.  CoverTec is a manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products. One of our specialties is concrete floor cleaning, and we’re experts at cleaning oil from concrete surfaces, and so much more. Call the Experts to CLEAN OIL FROM Your CONCRETE [...]

Great Industrial Floor Coating

We Provide the Best INDUSTRIAL FLOOR COATINGS in South Florida Industrial floors take a lot of abuse, which is why they need to be protected. That’s where CoverTec comes in. Our protective coating products, sealers, and cleaners can be applied to many substrates including concrete, wood, tile, stone, brick, metal, rubber and aged asphalt. When looking for a company that provides the best industrial floor coatings, call CoverTec. Ask Us About Our Amazing INDUSTRIAL FLOOR COATINGS We have a variety of products [...]

Skillfully Cleaning Oil Off of Concrete

We’re Great at CLEANING OIL OFF OF CONCRETE Floors Oh, no! There’s oil all over your concrete driveway! No worries at all. No matter the culprit – CoverTec can handle it. CoverTec is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products. When looking for help cleaning oil off of concrete floors, call the industry leaders – CoverTec. Call the Experts for CLEANING OIL OFF OF CONCRETE While we offer the best products on the market when it [...]

Which Floor Tile Sealer is Right for Me? 

Tile flooring is popular in commercial and residential applications. Tile is relatively low cost, yet it can be truly long lasting. At CoverTec Products, we know that increasing the longevity of your tile flooring starts by applying a floor tile sealer. GlazeGuard is our most popular floor tile sealer, it’s available in gloss, satin and matte finishes. This sealer can keep your tile in shape for the long run. It’s easy to buy the best floor tile sealer, just shop [...]

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Coventional recommendations on how to clean Vinyl Floors The typical advice given on how to clean vinyl floors (VCT) useually involves an endless cycle of stripping and waxing throughout the year. Depending on the traffic, you will be told that the floors needs partial stripping and recoating (a scrub and recoat) several times during the year. In addition the floor will need to be totally stripped once or twice a year and recoated with 5 or 6 coats of fresh [...]

High Gloss Sealer for Terrazzo Flooring

Last month we were contacted by Contractor in South Miami that specializes in commercial terrazzo flooring.  They were looking to for a tough, high gloss, clear sealer that could seal both epoxy and cement based terrazzo flooring. Their previous supplier went out of business last year and their "go to" product was no longer available.   Also were toald that before finding CoverTec, the Contractor  had  tried a number of products from local Big Box  DIY outlets.  However these products [...]

Who Makes the Best Natural Stone Sealer?

Natural stones are used all throughout exterior construction projects. Pool decks, walls, roofing tiles and even historic buildings can feature natural stone surfaces. Protecting your natural stones starts with finding the very best natural stone sealer. At CoverTec Products, we offer the very best natural stone sealers for surfaces of all sizes and types. Whether you’re protecting your pool deck, your fireplace, stepping stones or any other natural stone surfaces, you can count on our natural stone sealer. Natural stone [...]

Which Industrial Floor Coatings Does My Business Need?

Running any business requires a lot of decision making. There are a lot of different ways you can help protect your business’s costs and profits, but few owners realize that one way to preserve profits starts from the ground up. At CoverTec Products, we know that with the right industrial floor coatings, you can help protect your industrial surfaces from expensive stains and damage. Protecting your industrial flooring with the right industrial floor coatings can help reduce cleaning costs, [...]

Protect Your Property with High Quality Floor Coating Products in Fort Lauderdale

One of the best parts about living in Fort Lauderdale is being close to the water. Unfortunately, water isn’t your floor’s best friend. Whether it’s decorative concrete or laminate flooring, humidity and moisture can cause damage and significantly shorten the life of your flooring. To help protect your floors, CoverTec Products has developed a complete line of high quality floor coating products in Fort Lauderdale designed to combat the harsh element which can cause the formation of mold and [...]

Defend Your Tile Floors From Mold With Stain Resistant Sealing Products

It’s one of the biggest dangers of living in South Florida is the threat of mold. No matter how clean you keep your house, humid air can cause dangerous mold to form or grow on your floor and building materials. This can make you sick and cause long term health and respiratory problems. To help keep your tile and hard surface floors protected, CoverTec Products has developed mold resistant coating products. If your home has worn out grout, it can [...]