Durable Floor Sealing Products

Finding a Green Solution for Concrete Floor Cleaning

Green solutions for concrete floor cleaning can be challenging to find. Most contain heavy chemicals that are harmful to employees, family members, and the environment. Concrete is an excellent solution for many, as it offers easy maintenance, but it doesn't mean it's indestructible. Cleaning concrete in the past was a chore, but with technological advancements right here in the United States, there’s a more efficient way to get the grime, grease, and oil out of concrete floors everywhere. Can a [...]

Reasons to Invest in Industrial Floor Coatings

As a business operator, it’s your job to make sure that your property always looks flawless, or is at least protected. The same goes for industrial warehouses and offices, as the concrete flooring can easily become stained or destroyed by oils, grease, heavy machinery, and more. With industrial floor coatings, you’ll be able to keep your surfaces cleaner, more presentable, and durable. If you’re looking for industrial floor coatings, call CoverTec Products today! What are the benefits of using a coating [...]

Protect Your Yard or Patio with Sealing Pavers

Your driveway and walkway are where you and your visitors first set foot on your property. Sealing pavers will help you maintain them, especially if you want them to look shiny and flawless. The primary purpose of sealing pavers is protection. Use CoverTec Products for Sealing Pavers Patios with pavers are a popular landscaping trend. Pavers, whether matte or glossy are used in pathways, driveways, patios, porches, etc. because they enhance the beauty of your yard, home, or any other landscape. Sealing [...]

Protect Your Floors with Top of the Line Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floors come in all shapes and sizes, yet almost all are concrete and cement. But many people don't realize that there is a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing industrial floor coatings. The different textures and styles can give an industrial building and business a new feel. At CoverTec, we pride ourselves on offering top of the line products that are easy to apply, environmentally friendly, and USDA approved. Types of Industrial Floor Coatings to Choose [...]

Why Paver Sealing is Important

If you've ever seen pavers that are not sealed, then you know how rough the elements can be on their longevity and appearance. Between the oil stains, grease stains, chemical exposure, sunlight damage, and wear and tears, pavers are susceptible to serious injury if not taken care of properly. Luckily, paver sealing is an option and can ensure that your pavers stay in pristine condition all year long. CoverTec: Paver Sealing Options When it comes to sealing pavers, there are at [...]

What Can I Use to Clean Oil from Concrete?

Try as we might, hosing down our concrete and scrubbing with soap and water doesn’t seem to make a dent in our stains! One of the most common stains concrete suffers from is oil based. If you are trying to clean oil from concrete without any luck, perhaps the professionals at CoverTec can offer a few helpful solutions. Clean Oil from concrete with CoverTec Cars may leak oil often, and though there is not much to be done about the leakage, [...]

Dirty Driveway? Here’s What To Use To Clean Oil from Concrete

Our driveways can be made up of many different materials. Many American driveways are made of concrete. This material provides a cheaper option, without sacrificing appearance. The downside to concrete is that its light color can easily become damaged, dirty, and unsightly. Luckily, there are options to keep your driveway looking like new by cleaning oil off concrete. At CoverTec, we provide a plethora of floor cleaning options, including concrete cleaners! What Can I Use To Clean Oil Off Concrete? Engine [...]

Do I Need Tile and Grout Sealer to Protect My Floors?

Tile is one of the most common flooring options around, and for good reason. Tile looks good and can last for years. However, protecting your tile flooring with tile and grout sealer can help your floors look even better and last longer. At CoverTec Products we offer high quality tile and grout sealer to help keep your tile and grout stain free. This sealer provides a microbial layer of protection over your flooring leaving you with beautiful flooring without the hassle of constantly [...]

How to Apply a Tile and Grout Sealer to Ceramic Tile

Issues associated with dirt build up, mold and mildew, odor, slip and fall, can all be reduced or eliminated by installing a high performance clear sealer to both the ceramic tile and grout. However there are very few clear sealers that will bond to a glazed or ceramic tile. CoverTec has developed some specific products and cleaning methods to apply a clear tile and grout sealer to ceramic tile without adversely affecting the appearance of the tile. Surface Cleaning The ceramic [...]

Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Strong with a Chemical Resistant Sealer in Sunrise

Concrete often seems indestructible. Its strength and durability make it the perfect outdoor surface, whether it’s for your driveway, sidewalk or for your patio. But just like anything else, nothing lasts forever. When constantly exposed to South Florida’s extreme heat, humidity and rainy weather, concrete will eventually begin to crack and show signs of wear and tear. But now there’s a way to keep your concrete surfaces lasting long and looking their best. CoverTec Products has designed a complete [...]