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Neutral Floor Cleaner GlossClean


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Location : Interior/Exterior
Task : Floors
Application : Mop Spray Bottle Auto Scrubber
Surface : Floor cleaner for Gloss Floors
Base : Concentrate
Drytime : 5 min. Dwell time
Coverage : 2 - 4 oz/gal
Finish : Dries Residue Free

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Concentrated Neutral Floor Cleaner For Multi Surfaces

Neutral GlossClean is a high-quality neutral floor cleaner that offers exceptional cleaning power while maintaining a balanced pH level. With its unique formulation, this cleaner effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains without causing any damage or dullness to your finished floors.

One of the standout features of GlossClean is its ability to dry film-free, leaving your floors looking clean and shiny. This feature ensures that no residue or streaks are left behind, providing a flawless finish.

Whether you have hardwood, concrete, luxury vinyl (LVP), laminate, or vinyl floors (VCT), GlossClean is suitable for all types of finished surfaces. It can be conveniently applied using a spray bottle, mop, or auto scrubber, making cleaning quick and hassle-free.

In addition to its superior cleaning capabilities, GlossClean also extends the life of your gloss floors. By deep cleaning the existing floor finish, it helps to preserve its luster and keep it looking fresh for longer periods of time.

Not only is Neutral GlossClean highly effective, but it is also safe and biodegradable. You can have peace of mind knowing that it contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, making it safe for both the environment and your family.

Experience the power of a neutral floor cleaner that delivers exceptional results. Choose GlossClean for all your cleaning needs and enjoy floors that are not only clean but also maintain their natural shine and beauty.


  • Neutral pH
  • Dries film free
  • Deep cleans existing floor finish
  • Spray, mop, and auto scrubber application
  • Extends life of high gloss floors
  • Safe and biodegradable
  • Will not strip or dull finished floors

Typical Uses

  • Easy-to-use floor maintenance
  • Use for daily, periodic, or deep cleaning
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Safe cleaner for floors using a floor finish
  • Excellent for LVT, VCT Laminate, Natural Stone

Shelf Life

12 months when stored at 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area.


Suggested dilution: General cleaning, dilute 4 ounces of GlossClean to 1 gallon of water. For plastic cleaning, dilute 2 ounces to 1 gallon of water. For floors or walls, dilute 6 ounces to 1 gallon of water. For use in auto scrubber, dilute 4-6 ounces to 1 gallon of water. Damp mop, wet mop or scrub regularly as needed using clean mop and GlossClean.

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