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Protect Your Industrial Flooring with a Waterproof Concrete Sealer in Fort Lauderdale

Concrete seems like the most indestructible building material. But appearances can be deceiving. Although it’s a hard and typically strong surface, constant exposure to water and moisture can cause significant damage to your concrete flooring. With the heavy rain and humidity of South Florida, it’s almost impossible to avoid these conditions. Countless businesses rely on dependable industrial concrete flooring. The best way to keep your industrial concrete floors in Fort Lauderdale protected is by a waterproof concrete sealer.

CoverTec Products has developed a complete line of high quality floor sealing products in Fort Lauderdale designed to provide maximum protection against the harsh elements. Few floors absorb as much punishment as industrial environments. Recent surveys have indicated that six of every ten industrial buildings have floor problems due to temperature and climate conditions. No other part of your building is subject to more use. The chemists at CoverTec Products have developed series of high-grade sealers and high quality floor coating products in Sunrise, FL to provide added protection for commercial and residential flooring.

One of the common problems with industrial settings is the exposure of concrete floors to oil and chemicals. CoverTec Products has developed a concrete floor coating system designed to help floors look as good as new. Among their more innovative products is Primer OVS, which is specifically designed to address oil contaminated concrete and stop the debonding of coatings and floor toppings. When applied, Primer OVS penetrates the surface and forms a protective barrier against moisture and prevents the migration of oil.

Another great benefit of using CoverTec’s waterproof concrete sealer in Fort Lauderdale is the fast turnaround time. Once the sealer is applied, it can work quickly regardless of the temperature and environmental conditions. The chemists at CoverTec Products are committed to creating new and innovative high quality floor sealing products in Fort Lauderdale. Each floor coating and sealing product developed in Sunrise, FL goes through a series of rigorous tests as part of its quality assurance program.

Maintaining concrete floors can sometimes be a challenge. But with the use of a waterproof concrete sealer in Fort Lauderdale, it’s now easier than ever before. Each sealing and coating product from CoverTec is designed to lower maintenance costs, provide effective surface clean, improve safety and make floors more resistant to oils and chemicals. See the difference for yourself. Contact CoverTec Products today.

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