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Can Natural Stone Sealer Make Pools Safer?

Ah, there’s nothing better than a warm day spent alongside the pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying the cool water. But pools do come with their inherent dangers all around the pool deck. All those cannonballs, games of water polo and pool toys coming in and out of the water have left considerable puddles and water spots all around your porous pool deck. Most pool decks are created from highly porous materials such as concrete, stone, terra cotta, unglazed tile and brick. Though they’re durable for the outdoors, these surfaces can succumb to damages from constant water exposure. At CoverTec Products, we’ve got the solutions to your substrate struggles. With our natural stone sealer, you’ll be swimming without any worry.

If you’re looking to protect your pool deck from staining and mold development due to water exposure, we have the natural stone sealer for you! Our Penetrating Sealer is perfect for concrete flooring, terra cotta and any other porous surface on your pool deck. Penetrating Sealer brings no change to the look of your current flooring, but it brings incredible protection with its durable transparent barrier. This surface protectant repels water, oil and other staining elements. Instead of allowing oil to soak into your pool deck, this natural stone sealer can prevent oil from finding its way into the pores of your flooring. With our Penetrating Sealer, any oil or water stains can simply be wiped away. This also helps increase safety around your pool, lessening slippery water soaked areas.

At CoverTec Products, we have many different natural stone and concrete floor coating systems that are perfect for pool decks. Some of our other popular systems include Wet Look and Natural finish options. These create a tough, wear-resistant film that comes in Matte or Wet Look Gloss finish. This watertight surface sealant is non-yellowing, and it performs wonderfully under all weather conditions. It resists weathering, UV discoloring and staining from water or oils. Just like our Penetrating Sealer, you can simply wipe stains and water away from your surfaces without worrying about staining.

These are just some of the solutions presented by our various concrete floor coating systems. Caring for your pool deck, whether it’s natural stone, concrete, terra cotta or unglazed tile, should not be a challenge. Don’t spend all weekend scrubbing stains away, and don’t spend all your time worrying about water causing slippery situations. Instead, trust in our sealing and coating products to protect your pool, your surfaces and your family.

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