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Do You Need Tile and Grout Sealer?

Looking For The Right Tile And Grout Sealer?

Tile flooring is touted as incredibly durable, stylish and long-lasting. While this may be true, there’s an Achilles heal to your tile flooring, and that’s its porous structure. The grout that binds your tile together can stain over time, and your tiles themselves, especially if they’re natural un-glazed tiles, can lose their beauty.

At CoverTec Products, we don’t think that any tile flooring should succumb to staining and degradation at the hands of weathering. Whether you’re looking to protect tile flooring in your home, or even in your business, our tile and grout sealer can help protect your surfaces.

There are many useful applications for our tile and grout sealer, and using this product can protect your expenses, your surfaces and even your family or employees.


Our Anti-Slip Products Minimize Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are rampant in businesses across the country, and they rack up considerable expenses in worker’s comp cases over the course of a year.

At CoverTec Products, we know that by lowering slip coefficient, such as with our Anti Slip Tile Sealer, you can help reduce the risks of slip and fall incidents.

Our Anti Slip Tile Sealer doesn’t just protect your tile and grout from staining, it helps reduce the likelihood of these surfaces becoming dangerously slippery in the event of water spillage.

We think that this type of tile and grout sealer is perfect for homes with small children, and for industrial kitchens especially.

When you’ve got a large scale industrial kitchen where employees are continually running left and right, adding Anti Slip Tile Sealer helps greatly reduce the likelihood of slippage.


Benefits Consumers Ignore About Tile And Grout Sealers

Of course, our tile and grout sealer also brings great benefits to tile surfaces that don’t necessarily need slip resistance.

For example, our GlazeGuard can reduce cleaning times around the house by protecting ceramic and porcelain tiles from staining, yellowing or becoming faded over time.

Our GlazeGuard® High Gloss Sealer places a shiny finish across tiles and even grout, meaning that your grout will stay beautiful without any need to bleach or clean the fine grout lines over time. Glaze Guard also brings incredibly simplified flooring maintenance, with less scrubbing required to lift stains.

Additionally, our GlazeGuard, like all of our tile and grout sealing solutions, helps to slow the production of mold and bacteria on your surfaces.


Not Sure Which Tile And Grout Sealer Is Your Best Fit?

Check out our most popular professional grade sealers for concrete, porcelain, natural stone and ceramic tiles.

We’ve also prepared a blog post that will show you how to choose the right tile sealer for your surfaces.

Whether you’re a DIY-er, homeowner / weekend warrior or a Professional Contractor, this blog will be a very useful read.


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