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Do I Need Industrial Floor Coatings?

When you’re running a business, your flooring may be the last thing on your mind. But at CoverTec Products, we know that industrial floor coatings are vital for protecting your bottom line. Our experts have developed high quality floor coating products that can help you protect your flooring, and your pockets. When you’re keeping your floors in great shape with our coating products, you won’t need to spend all your time and money on cleaning, polishing and refinishing your floors. Are you ready for durable and beautiful industrial flooring? It’s time to learn the CoverTec Products difference.

There are many different industrial flooring types, and these differing types of flooring all share in the burden of heavy use. You put just about anything on your industrial flooring, from oil to huge jets and everything in between. Is your flooring up to the challenge? If you’re not using the right industrial floor coatings, you’re spending far more than you need to just to clean and preserve your floors. At CoverTec Products, we’re here to help you save costs with our high quality floor coating products.

When it comes to industrial flooring, concrete is one of the most popular types of flooring. You can find concrete flooring in just about any industrial application. But, concrete flooring isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to durability. That’s because concrete flooring is incredibly susceptible to staining, especially from oils.

Don’t let oil stains destroy your concrete. We can keep your concrete at its best with many industrial floor coatings including:

  • CoverShield E900: Abrasion resistance, 100 percent solids epoxy color coat
  • CoverShield U140: This heavy duty polyurethane sealer resists oil and other stains
  • CoverShield E400WB: With low odor, this water-based epoxy coating is perfect for any need
  • CoverShield Primer OS: Protect the rest of your oil contaminated concrete floor with this primer
  • CoverShield E500: This flexible epoxy base coating offers the fastest curing times

These are just a few of our different coating products that can help protect a wide range of industrial flooring materials. Whether you’re protecting concrete, tile, stone or other materials, you can count on our solutions at CoverTec Products.

If you’re spending too much time, money and effort on keeping your industrial flooring clean, STOP! You can make the switch to our high quality floor coating products, keeping your industrial flooring in great shape for a fraction of the cost. Ready to make flooring worries a thing of the past? Make the switch to our industrial floor coatings today!

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