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Which Industrial Floor Coatings Can Save me the Most Money?

When it comes to any investment for your business, you need to know the returns you may get. At CoverTec Products, we’re here to help you protect many different surfaces within your business, defending all types of industrial flooring form deterioration and damage. We’ve developed a series of industrial floor coatings to help protect many different types of commercial flooring. Our most popular product, vinyl floor sealer, can help reduce costs while bringing major improvements to your vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Floor Sealers

At CoverTec Products, we offer many different industrial floor coatings, but our vinyl floor sealer is our most popular by far. Our VinylGuard system provides incredible savings for flooring maintenance costs. In many instances, our customers find that Vinyl Guard saves them anywhere from 30 to 60 percent on maintenance and labor costs. This is because we all know how incredibly expensive it can be to maintain vinyl flooring. You need to stop operations, just to pay for someone to come and polish your flooring. All the mopping, polishing, shining and buffing can become awfully expensive as time goes on.

This is where our vinyl floor sealer comes in handy. With our Vinyl Guard, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for polishing, shining and buffing your vinyl flooring. Our vinyl floor sealer, along with many of our industrial floor coatings, can help reduce cleaning costs by expediting the cleaning process. Vinyl Guard helps bring a constant polished appearance to your vinyl flooring, meaning that upkeep is as simple as sweeping and mopping the surfaces! With our vinyl floor sealer and simple upkeep, your vinyl flooring will always look showroom ready without the showroom costs.

Vinyl Floor Coating

Our Vinyl Guard is a green product that offers low to virtually no odor. Its green construction makes it eligible for LEED EQ 4.2, and it’s also approved for use in schools, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants and other facilities. Like many of our other industrial floor coatings, Vinyl Guard can also help add traction and slip resistance to your vinyl flooring. This can help reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents within your business, and Vinyl Guard may even help lower your insurance premiums, saving your operations even more money.

These are just a few of the benefits that come along with our durable industrial floor coatings. If you’re looking to increase the longevity of your flooring, ease your cleaning, lower your maintenance costs or even lower your insurance premiums, it’s time to see how our expertly designed industrial floor coatings may be able to help. Start browsing our industrial floor coatings online today!

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