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Which Surfaces Need Natural Stone Sealer?

When it comes to maintaining natural stone surfaces, you may not know how to get started. Perhaps you purchased natural stone surfacing for your home or business due to the beauty of natural stone. Maybe when you bought your home or business, natural stone was already part of the property. Not to worry, our team at CoverTec Products is here to help. We’ve created the best natural stone sealer for many types of natural stone surfaces. But, how can you know which natural stone, concrete or tile and grout sealer is your best bet? Your ideal natural stone sealer solution will depend on your upkeep needs and style preferences. But not to worry, at CoverTec Products we have the perfect natural stone sealer for your needs!

Brick pavers are a common surface that can benefit from natural stone sealer. Our CoverSeal Wetlook is the perfect solution for protecting brick pavers from staining and deterioration. This water based sealer brings no added odor as it provides a glossy wet look finish for your brick pavers. In fact, CoverSeal Wetlook is perfect for concrete and natural stone surfaces as well. If your natural stone surfaces experience high traffic, it’s important to protect them with CoverSeal Wetlook.

Our CoverSeal PEN55 is another popular option for natural stone sealer. It’s perfect for many different surfaces such as:

  • Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Pavers
  • Natural Sone
  • Brick
  • Saltillo
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • & Many More!

Just like CoverSeal Wetlook, CoverSeal PEN55 is a water based sealant that offers high coverage with little to no residual odor. Best of all, CoverSeal PEN55 brings no change in your surface’s appearance, meaning that you can maintain the current look of your natural stone surfaces while keeping them protected.

Finally, our CoverSeal AC250 is another popular sealer for natural stone surfaces. Whether you’re looking to seal tile, slate or natural stones, CoverSeal AC250 can help. This flexible tile and grout sealer offers non yellowing acrylic based coverage. You can choose this chemical resistant sealer in matte or high gloss finish, depending on preferences.

These are some of our most popular tile, grout, concrete and natural stone sealers. Whether you’re looking to protect interior or exterior spaces, we’ve got the perfect solution. With our natural stone sealing and coating products, you can bring ease to caring for these surfaces. You can also extend their longevity and increase their style. Wondering which sealing and coating products are best for you? Connect with a CoverTec Products specialist by emailing

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