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Why Should I Use Waterproof Concrete Sealer on My Flooring?

There are many options when it comes to waterproof concrete sealers, but few are produced by a company with years of experience manufacturing the top substrate cleaning and sealing products on the market. CoverTec Products has long produced some of the top waterproof concrete sealers used on commercial and residential concrete flooring and we aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Our waterproof concrete sealers are changing the way people protect their investments. Some of the top options for waterproof concrete sealers include:

  • CoverSeal PEN55
  • CoverSeal PEN50
  • CoverShield U140
  • CoverSeal AC320

Call today and learn more about all the amazing products we can offer! From concrete to natural stone and everything in between, CoverTec Products has what you need to keep your new floor looking great for years to come.


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