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Exterior Concrete Sealers that leave a protective film on the surface are called film forming or topical sealers.  CoverTec offers commercial grade water based topical sealers.

If you are looking for shiny concrete, maybe a wet look, then you should look at the topical sealer like our StrongSeal Plus, or our StrongSeal WetLook for pavers.

These are 2 part  water based polyurethanes that perform the best long term in outside conditions.  StrongSeal Plus is also a good choice for a outdoor concrete countertop.

The product is non yellowing, stain resistant and is also available in a satin or matte (natural) look

They'll give you a nice shine. Or, if you want something that's a little easier to use and faster drying, then our CoverSeal AC250 acrylic coating is a good choice for concrete and terrazzo.

This is a tough stain resistant water based acrylic sealer.  AC250 is a 1 part sealer so it requires no special mixing and is available in a gloss or matte natural look finish.

This is an ideal water  and stain resistant clear sealer for an outdoor patio, stamped concrete deck or driveway.

Topical Concrete Sealers

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