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CoverTec supplies effective anti-slip / non slip solutions for concrete and terrazzo surfaces. GlazeGuard Plus is a tough water clear sealer that contains anti slip additive.  It can be used interior or exterior on slippery floors. Excellent for stairs, around pool deck and on patios. GlazeGuard is chemical resistant and a longer lasting solution than using paint.

Slippery concrete can also be treated with Surface GripTreat.  This product will modify the surface pore structure on a microscopic level.  This surface modification treatment. will increase the level of slip- resistance of the concrete or Terrazzo when wet or walked upon with wet feet.

The benefit with treatment over coating in a wet environment is that floors can be scrubbed as normal without fear of wearing the anti slip characteristics off. Surface GripTreat is also the best option if you need fast installation and easy cleaning using our Emerald Floor Maintaner

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