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Professional Garde Products for cleaning concrete outdoors.

We offer some of the best surface prep solutions for removing existing sealers, efflorescence, oil, mold, mildew.

If you need to remove cement deposits, salts, efflorescence, oxide, mold and mildew, etc. from your exterior concrete slab before you stain or seal it, then you should look at our Surface PrepWork.
This is a concentrated commercial grade liquid agent that will safely and quickly dissolve those mineral deposits, deep clean that mold and mildew, leaving you an excellent prepared surface for subsequent staining and sealing.

If you need to remove or strip old sealer or paint from the concrete surface before you re-stain it or seal it, consider using our PowerStrip.
This product is based on a strong emulsifier that won't dry out in exterior use, and it quickly and easily lifts old paint and sealer off the surface. Clean up is easy or residue can be cleaned off using a pressure washer.
If you need to clean and remove oil from exterior concrete, then you should consider our microbial cleaners. These cleaners are biodegradable and contain non harmful chemicals
These microbes will digest and remove the oil from the concrete, leaving it safe to seal and to stain.

Our CoverClean HC was developed specifically for petroleum-based oils like motor oil, diesel, brake fluid, etc. And if you have food-based oils like fat and grease, then you would use our CoverClean FG.
We also have a powder concentrate for removing oil stains. That's our CoverClean CT-50 that you would add hot water and scrub that into the concrete.

Having effectively sealed and protected your concrete, ongoing cleaning and maintenance should be a lot simpler. The amount and frequency should be reduced. It should be safer, and you shouldn't have to use hazardous, corrosive chemicals or degreaser  to keep your concrete clean.

The microbial cleaning products like our CoverClean HC and CoverClean FG provide those benefits. They’re both very economical. They're safe and simple to use. CoverClean HC is for petroleum-based oils like diesel, motor oil and brake fluid, etc.  CoverClean FG is for food-based oils, grease and stains.

Both these products are great for cleaning your driveway, pool deck or outdoor concrete patio.

Surface Preparation


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