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Surface Preperation is an important first step in any floor coating or sealing project. Ongoing cleaning with professional grade products will prolong the life of the surface.

If you need to remove heavy fat, oil and grease or food-based oils and stains from interior concrete,

(in a commercial kitchen, a food hall or a restaurant) consider using our CoverClean FG.

This is a heavy duty microbial cleaner developed specifically to digest and remove food-based oil and grease from concrete.

It's easy to use. It's a natural product, safe to use indoors, around pets and plans and vegitation . And it will give you a nice surface to come back and seal, add a coat over it, or install a new flooring system.


If you have an interior concrete slab that’s contaminated with petroleum-based oils like Motor oil, Engine oil, Lubricants, Cutting fluids, Diesel, Etc…you should consider our CoverClean HC.

This professional grade microbial cleaner will soak into the concrete and deep clean the oil out of the slab. It will digest and remove the oil without leaving a residue.

This leaves the concrete safe to seal over it with a concrete coating or sealer, or to install a new flooring system.


If you need to remove dirt, deep set grime, mold or mildew from your existing interior concrete… or you want to give new concrete a good general cleaning before you seal or coat it, you should consider our SurfaceClean.

This is a tough, industrial strength cleaner that’s easy to use, and it's very fast acting. It’s available as a concentrate you can dilute to meet your cleaning needs, and it's very economical.


If you need to strip existing sealers, curing agents, paints and coatings from interior concrete floors before you seal or coat it, you need a good floor stripping chemical.

FloorStrip HP, is great for removing acrylic type sealers, waxes and curing agents. Works well on concrete, natural stone tile and grout

It's safe to use. It's fast acting. And, you can use it without floor scrubbing equipment or a pressure washer. You can use a bucket and mop to apply the product.

If you have more heavy-duty urethanes, water-based epoxies and varnishes to remove, you can use PowerStrip.

This is a powerful chemical stripper and coating remover. PowerStrip is cotains pro grade stripping chemicals but  is also very safe to use. It can be roller-applied or can be spray applied.

It's fast acting, low odor and easy to use on garage floors,  in the basements or patio decks.

Surface Preparation CoverClean FG

Surface Preparation CoverClean HC

Surface Preparation SurfaceClean

Surface Preparation FloorStrip HP

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