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If you have interior concrete, smooth steel-troweled concrete or polished concrete (like a factory floor, workshop, or garage floor) and you want to protect against heavy duty oil stains, you can use our CoverShield U140.

This is a tough water-based sealer that is very oil and stain-resistant.

It’s a very durable sealer available in a Gloss or Matte finish low sheen finish. Both provide excellent wear resistance against vehicular and fork lift traffic. This product is a very cost effective coating for garage flooring, shop floors, pole barns and warehouse floors.

If you want to protect your new or existing interior concrete from oil stains, food stains and pet stains, but you don't want to change the appearance of your concrete or terrazzo, you can use stain repellents. For example  CoverSeal PEN55.

This is a highly oil and stain-resistant penetrating sealer that will permeate the concrete or terrazzo and not change the appearance. It is breathable and water-based. Its  has low or almost zero odor and it's very easy to apply.

If you have steel-troweled concrete, polished concrete, or polished terrazzo and you have limited shutdown time, and you need to install a sealer or a coating very quickly, the CoverSeal AC450 is a good choice.

This is a very stain and wear-resistant acrylic sealer that dries in 20 to 30 minutes. And, you can apply multiple coats if you want a very high shine.

It's an excellent choice for restaurants, warehouse floors, garage floors, etc. Anywhere you need a product that provides protection from stains and discoloration, but is fast drying and re-opens the area to service quickly, the AC450 is ideal. This product is an easy to apply and maintain coating for garage flooring, auto shops, pole barns and warehouse floors.

Oil and Stain Repellents U140

Oil and Stain Repellents PEN55

Oil and Stain Repellents AC450

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