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Floor Coating Products

CoverTec Products Carries High Quality Floor Coating Products

CoverTec Products is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners, and waterproofing products. It is one of the best places to get concrete floor coating in Sunrise, FL that can supply facilities with fast turnaround, tough, durable, and low odor coatings. CoverTec Products in Sunrise, FL has concrete floor coating systems available for homeowners and business owners who would like to coat or seal their floors.

The concrete floor coating systems that are provided by CoverTec Products combine the ease of installation with the required toughness and durability for challenging industrial and chemical environments. Their concrete floor coating systems can be installed in a variety of existing colors. They are also the best stain protection in the market and are highly chemical resistant.

Why Choose Our Quality Coating Systems?

Here are the high quality floor coating systems available at CoverTec Products in Sunrise:

  • CoverShield Oil Stop System – This is a highly effective and proven system for cleaning and sealing oil contaminated concrete.
  • CoverQuartz System – This is a durable and decorative flooring system. It has extreme impact, wear resistance, and nonslip characteristics using CoverQuartz quartz crystals as its decorative aggregate.
  • CoverGrip System – This is a cost effective and less decorative version of the CoverQuartz System. It has a more industrial look. It uses non colored quartz crystals as its aggregate and pigmented coatings as its topcoat saving on material cost.
  • CoverChip System – This is a cost effective, highly durable, decorative flooring system using CoverChip vinyl flakes as its decorative aggregate.
  • CoverShield System – This is an industrial self-leveling resinous flooring system that creates a high gloss, smooth, seamless, and ultra-durable surface.
  • CoverStain System – This is an economical stain and seal alternative to stained polished concrete flooring with all of the benefits of resinous flooring.
  • CoverTallic System – This is a unique and highly decorative resinous flooring system with the durability and abrasion resistance of epoxy or polyaspartic.

CoverTec Products has other resinous flooring products available for purchase like floor primer, additives, aggregates, colorants, and ancillary products.

In addition, CoverTec Products has been able to develop the following products to address oil contaminated concrete and stop the de-bonding of coatings and floor toppings.

They are both extremely effective against oil bleed-back in contaminated concrete.

CoverTec Products is a company that knows they are coating experts. Now you can experience their coating expertise when you use their high quality floor coating products.

Call CoverTec Products today at (754) 223-2465 and ask for the prices of the coating products you are most interested in.

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