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CoverSeal AC450 Stain Resistant WB Acrylic Concrete Sealer, Gloss Finish


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Location : Interior/Exterior
Task : Floor/Deck
Application : 3/8th roller/ Flat microfiber mop/ Spray
Surface : Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone Surfaces
Base : Water Based
Drytime : 30-45 min
Coverage : 1500-2000 ft²/gal (36.7-50.0 m²/l)
Finish : Gloss

CoverSeal AC450 High Gloss, Water-Based Stain Resistant Acrylic Concrete Sealer for Heavy Traffic Areas

This acrylic floor sealer is available in a Matte finish as well.

What Every-Day Signs Indicate You Need A Product Like CoverSeal AC450?

CoverSeal AC450 is a high-performance water-based acrylic concrete sealer in a VOC-compliant formula. When applied to steel troweled or polished concrete or terrazzo, the product will produce a hard-wearing clear bright surface that provides excellent protection against stains, water and oil resistance. It is ideal for dense Interior concrete or terrazzo use in high traffic and forklift traffic areas.

Typical Uses Steel Troweled Concrete, Polished Concrete and Terrazzo, Colored and Stamp Concrete, Loading Docks.

Use for concrete and terrazzo found in:-
Schools • Hospitals • Retail • Cafeterias Grocery Stores • Nursing Homes

If you have a concrete, hard-floor, terrazzo or natural stone surface, and you want to protect it from stains,  tire marks or scuff marks, and make it easier to clean and maintain, then CoverSeal AC450 Water-Based acrylic Sealer is the right product for you.

What Is CoverSeal AC450 Water-Based, Acrylic Floor Sealer?

CoverSeal AC450 is a water-based hard-wearing acrylic sealer that was developed specifically to protect dense interior concrete or terrazzo used in high traffic and forklift traffic areas.

It’s very stain resistant and has excellent water resistance.

So if you have a concrete surface, and you’re seeing signs of wear, staining or dusting, CoverSeal AC450 provides a very effective seal and protection against those types of problems.

Is CoverSeal AC450 A Commercial Product, Consumer Product Or Both?

AC450 acrylic concrete sealer is a product that can be used both for commercial and consumer residential applications.

It’s a one-part sealer. It’s water-based, so it’s easy to use, and it’s a very tough and durable sealer.

This means that you get the benefits of a professional-grade sealer that can also be used in residential applications.

What Are The Typical Situations Where Someone Would Use CoverSeal AC450?

CoverSeal AC450 is a hard surface sealer.  So it’s useful where you have concrete – either polished or unpolished – or where you’ve got terrazzo or natural stone.

In a commercial environment that could be:

  • A restaurant
  • Shopping mall
  • A warehouse
  • A workshop
  • A grocery store

All these surfaces are prime examples of commercial applications where CoverSeal AC450 is a perfect solution.

Obviously, in these high foot-traffic situations, you want to protect against:

  • Staining
  • Forklift marks
  • Shoe scuffing

The goals in these situations are not only to clean but also to make those surfaces much easier to maintain, particularly where you’ve got high traffic or where they’re susceptible to staining.
And that’s the function of the AC450 acrylic concrete sealer. It works very well in those applications.

It’s easy to apply. It’s environmentally friendly. And it’s very durable, so it leaves a longer-lasting seal on your surfaces.

Why Does CoverSeal AC450 Produce Better Real-World Results Than Store-Bought Brands?

There’s a number of issues you’ll find with acrylic sealers that you can purchase from a D.I.Y. outlet or a big box store.

  • Firstly, not all are stain-resistant.

Those that possess some semblance of resistance to stains provide only weak, temporary levels of protection. More specifically, they don’t “hold out” stains for very long.  In some cases, there are only a few hours before stains penetrate through their barrier, and start setting into the underlying surface.

  • Secondly, they don’t provide good water resistance.

We often hear complaints from first-time customers about their previous use of those products. They cite product failures like water-marks, skid marks, and other signs of wear and tear showing up shortly after application.  A typical example is if you leave a damp mop or cloth, or you spill water on the floor, you start seeing watermarks shortly.

  • The third issue is the inability of store-bought sealers to bond to smooth and polished surfaces.

Due to their inferior formulations, they require a lot of surface prep to perform well.

  • And the fourth issue is about the UV resistance of these products.

Due to poor ingredients and low-quality formulations, they can’t handle UV exposure very well.  This means they can’t be used outside.

CoverSeal AC450 contains a very focused formula to solve all of these problems you’ll experience with off-the-shelf sealers.

We use a proprietary combination of special polymer, modifiers, and film-formers to address those four issues.

It’s a product that is:

  1. Highly stain-resistant
  2. Very UV resistant
  3. Extremely water resistance
  4. And it bonds very well to polished and smooth surfaces (such as terrazzo, concrete, natural stone).

It’s an excellent sealer that can be used interior and exterior, and resists harsh stains, and will hold up and last longer than store-bought products.

CoverSeal AC450 acrylic concrete sealer is an easy to use product.  But it’s important to carry out the right surface prep. It bonds very well to smooth and polished surfaces.  There’s no need to etch or grind the surface, but it needs to be clean.

We recommend that you clean the surface with a neutral cleaner or a degreaser.   Scrub the floor if necessary to remove any topical or current stains or blemishes.  Use something like a scrubbing pad, then rinse it off and let it dry.

Once the surface is clean and dry, then the product can be applied using a nap roller, a pump-up sprayer, or a flat mop.  We recommend you apply it in thin coats. Each coat takes roughly 20 to 40 minutes to dry.

We strongly recommend using a minimum of 2 coats to get a good seal.  However, you can apply up to 4 or more coats, if you want to get extra shine.

On the final coat, you should allow it to dry for about 2 hours before you walk on it.  If you’re opening that area to heavy foot traffic, we recommend 6 to 8 hours of dry time before use.  If the surface will experience vehicular traffic, it’s best to let it dry for 24 hours.

How Does CoverSeal AC450 Interact With 3rd Party Products Or Product Types?

CoverSeal AC450 acrylic concrete sealer should be compatible with most 3rd party products on the market.

However, when using it on surfaces that have been exposed to:

  • Densifiers
  • Concrete stains
  • Existing sealers
  • Acrylic sealers
  • Floor finishes
  • Or an epoxy seal…

We always recommend that you do a little test – on a small area of the surface – to confirm there are no adverse effects.

The one product type we recommend not using CoverSeal AC450 with is a Concrete Impregnators or silicone type sealers. These types of products are designed to repel water-based solutions. As such, they will repel CoverSeal AC450. So stay away from those.

With that said, please follow our previous recommendation of always doing a test on a small area of your surface to confirm everything looks and works perfectly – before you apply the product to your entire hard surface.


  • High Gloss non yellowing sealer
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Repels, oil, grease and food stains
  • High adhesion to polished concrete
  • Responds well to burnishing
  • Resistant to hot tire pickup
  • Dries quickly
  • Highly water repellant
  • Very low odor, VOC compliant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Makes surface easier to clean

Typical Uses

  • Steel Troweled Concrete
  • Polished Concrete and Terrazzo
  • Colored and stamp concrete
  •  Warehouses
  • Loading docks
  • Retail floors
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • High traffic areas


 Interior or exterior use.

Shelf Life

12 months when stored at 77°F (25°C) or less in a dry and shaded area. Protect from freezing.

Theoretical Coverage

1500-2000 ft²/gal (37-49 m²/l)
A two-coat minimum application is recommended

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