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How to Clean Oil Off Concrete Sunrise

How to Permanently Remove Oil from Cement

If there is one stain that seems almost impossible to get rid of, it’s oil on cement. The rough and porous surface soaks in many liquids throughout the year, but the most noticeable and unsightly by far is oil and grease. Many homeowners are uncertain how to remove these stains, but luckily, there’s a quality and cost-efficient way to remove oil from cement permanently.

Will CoverClean HC Microbial Cleaner Remove Oil from Cement?

At CoverTec, our CoverClean HC Microbial Cleaner is equipped to handle the toughest stains. Primarily, the CoverClean solution will soak in the oil and grease, as opposed to dispersing them or dispensing them deeper into the concrete’s surface. USDA approved, the chemical solution is non-hazardous and fast acting, making it a top choice for homeowners who are striving for their driveway to return to its former glory.

How to Keep Cement Oil-Free for Life

While CoverClean will remove the stains, you’ll need a sealant that will keep your garage or driveway clean and clear for generations to come. While there are many CoverTec products to choose from, one of the best options to keep away oil stains or grease stains is CoverShield Oil Stop System. Designed specially with homeowners like you in mind, it protects and cleans, keeping your cement contamination free! Our floor sealers and coatings are incredibly adhesive to make sure that this project is one that will last.
Why Choose CoverTec?

At CoverTec, we take pride in merging industrial strength products with easy use instructions. Any homeowner can use CoverTec and ensure that the job was done correctly. Founded in 2009, civil and chemical engineers worked side by side with first-hand knowledge to fill a gap in the construction business. Many individuals didn’t have answers for how to restore cement, which left many with few options when it came time to resell. At CoverTec, we’ve worked to find a solution on how to remove oil from cement. If you’ve been struggling to find an answer, CoverTec has you covered!

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