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College Locker Room Floor Coating Project

Locker Room Floor Coatings

The Problem.

Administrators at a Johnson City TN College favored seamless floor coatings (without grout or seams) for their bathroom and locker room flooring because of the ease of cleaning and disinfecting the surface . Also seamless locker room floor coatings eliminated the possibility contaminates getting into the porous concrete . However coatings used previously were not holding up and required numerous re-coat applications. Typically they were getting abrasion loss and chemical degradation that resulted in diminished aesthetics such as gloss loss , color change and even delamination.

The Solution

After consultation with Albert Hall flooring specialist and owner of East Tennessee Cleaning Co, it was determined that the overall performance of the existing locker room floor coating were being compromised by the use of the cleaning and disinfection chemicals. The existing coatings just did not have the durability to stand up the cleaning protocol required by the facility. Albert Hall called CoverTec for a recommendation on floor coatings that would hold up to the cleaning regime and provide the facility with reduce maintenance and reduced recoat cycles. CoverShield U100 was selected as the best fit for this project. The product is a two component highly durable 100% water based polyurethane coating.


The surface was scarified and then thourougly cleaned and allowed to dry. Two coats of U100 were applied at approximately 300 sq,ft per gallon. The product was allowed to dry overnight between the first and second coat. After the second coat was applied floor fans were left inplace to facilite drying overnight. The whole locker room floor system can be applied over weekend.

CoverShield U100 has many excellent properties combine into one product including:

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  • Chemical and Abrasion resistant
  • UV color stable
  • Virtually Zero odor
  • Self priming necessary (direct to substrate)
  • Qualify for LEED Credits
  • Available in Gloss, Satin, Matte
  • Bonds to wood metal and concrete
  • Moisture vapor tolerant (MVT )up to 6lbs .
  • Contains Microban© Antimicrobial Protection

For more on CoverShield U100 Atimicrobial Protection

CoverShield U100 can be obtained direct from CoverTec together with detailed application instructions and technical support. If you are interested in buying these products please email your request or call us at 754-223-2465 to discuss your project.

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