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VinylGuard can protect vinyl, rubber and VCT flooring.

Do I Need VCT Wax?

Vinyl composition tile, known as VCT flooring is an economically friendly flooring option that brings impressive style. Many people invest time and money into applying vinyl floor wax to keep their vinyl in shape. But at CoverTec Products, we know there’s another way to keep your VCT flooring in shape. In fact, with our products, you won’t need to constantly apply VCT wax. If you’re looking to keep your vinyl flooring at its best with effortless maintenance, it’s time to explore our options at CoverTec Products. We offer sealing and coating products which can help keep your flooring in shape without the need for routine waxing.

What are alternatives to vinyl floor wax?

Many people choose vinyl flooring thanks to its budget-friendly pricing. But, vinyl flooring and VCT flooring can be cost prohibitive when it comes to maintenance. Routine buffing and waxing can be costly in terms of both time and money. Constant buffing and waxing can also cause unnecessary stress for your flooring. But at CoverTec Products, we can help keep your vinyl flooring at its best, all without the need for traditional VCT wax.

Our USA-made sealing and coating products are ideal for all types of vinyl flooring, including VCT flooring. For example, VinylGuard can protect vinyl, rubber and VCT flooring. This water based high gloss sealer replaces traditional vinyl floor wax. It brings effortless, lasting shine to your surfaces. Other benefits include:

  • VOC Compliance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • UV Stability
  • Reduced Floor Care Costs
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Odorless Coverage

Our VinylGuard system can bring high shine looks akin to traditional VCT wax, but without the expensive and repetitive applications. With one application of our VinylGuard, your flooring can keep its shine. There’s no need to continually layer floor wax when you choose our VinylGuard, it keeps your flooring in shape with effortless maintenance!

How can in find the best VCT wax alternatives?

At CoverTec Products, we have developed a wide array of alternatives to VCT wax. Whether you’re looking to protect vinyl, VCT or rubber flooring, you deserve the best products. We offer flooring solutions which provide high gloss coverage that’s simple to maintain. There’s no need to spend time and money on constant floor waxing. Instead, consider our sealing and coating products to help keep your flooring shape with effortless maintenance. Click here to explore our most popular alternatives to vinyl floor wax!

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