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Save Money with Oil Resistant Paint

Though many people may not know it, oil resistant paint can actually save them money. Garages, industrial floors, businesses, and parking lots are all susceptible to oil damage. That’s due to the high volume of vehicles that come in and out each day and heavy machines that leak the chemicals from time to time. However, with the appropriate sealer, there are fewer chances of destruction.

If you’re a property owner looking for oil resistant paint, visit CoverTec’s website today at for affordable pricing and engineered durability!

When oil stains form, it may seem unimportant. If anything, a small rag will wipe up the mess. However, concrete and other garage-styled flooring are very porous, immediately soaking in the oil. Over time, enough spills will create an unsightly floor. The spots can seem impossible to remove, as oil is a dense liquid. However, with an oil resistant paint and a concrete cleaner, homeowners and business owners can get their properties back to normal.

First, it’s important to clean the surface. Then, apply a sealant to help to keep the flooring in pristine shape. This way, property owners save money. Alternatively, some individuals feel that their flooring is not worth saving. New concrete floors are expensive, but a layer of quality oil resistant paint is not!

Last, but certainly not least, having an oil resistant paint on the floors can increase resale value. Noting the addition during showings may have the power to persuade. Thanks to advancements in technology and the relentless work of scientists, CoverTec provides property owners with a quick, effective, and environmentally-friendly solution. They specialize in protecting flooring, as well as cleaning them. If you think that it may be time to seal your driveway, garage, or business with an oil resistant paint, try CoverTec. Being UV stable, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, and odorless are only a few of their product’s qualities. Visit their website today!



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