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Concrete Cleaning Products Sunrise

Are You Looking for Durable Floor Coating for Sale in Sunrise, FL?

If you have a floor that needs protection, why not use the best floor coating available? Floor coatings offer a variety of benefits for a multitude of floor types such as concrete, wood, tile, stone, brick, asphalt, and more. Floor coatings act as a protective seal over your floor to help preserve and highlights its color and tone, as well as increase the durability of your floor. At CoverTec Products our coating experts have extensive knowledge of substrate cleaning issues and can easily prepare your surface for proper sealing and coating. It is important that you regularly seek proper floor maintenance to ensure the longevity of your flooring. One of the best ways to ensure the maintenance of your flooring is by choosing of our of damage and mold resistant coating products. Due to the tropical weather in Sunrise and throughout South Florida, the high levels of humidity make it a prime location for mold spores to grow, especially in susceptible places such as under floor boards, laminate, and vinyl. At CoverTec Products in Sunrise, FL we have a full selection of durable floor coating products, including:

  • Concrete Floor Coatings
  • Vinyl Guard Gloss Coating
  • Oil and Stain resistant Concrete Sealer
  • Highly durable sealant for Natural Stone
  • Concrete Stain resistant and glossy Sealer
  • Matte CoverSeal for Pavements

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Floor Coating Products in Sunrise?

At CoverTec Products, our knowledgeable team of professional flooring specialists can help you choose the flooring sealer that can fulfill all your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you’re looking for heavy duty oil and stain resistant sealers to highly durable glossy coatings, the experts at CoverTec Products have all of your floor coating and sealing solutions! Our helpful staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our large selection of durable floor coatings at (754) 223-2465. Plus, when you order online to anywhere in the continental USA, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING! Stop searching for the best high quality floor coating products, and start shopping at CoverTec Products today!

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