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How Can Vinyl Floor Sealer Reduce Costs?

Running an efficient business is all about watching your bottom line. You may not realize how expensive your flooring can be beyond just the installation. Many popular commercial flooring materials such as vinyl and terrazzo floors are durable and visually appealing, but they can be costly to maintain. The costs to keep these floors clean are twofold, there’s the expenses of cleaning the floors themselves and the loss of operational time while your floors are out of commission. At CoverTec Products, we believe that your flooring can work harder for you. Our industrial floor coatings can help keep your flooring glossy without the need of continual waxing.

When it comes to vinyl floor sealer, our experts at CoverTec Products have worked to develop the most comprehensive sealing products possible. Our Vinyl Guard system can replace traditional was and acrylic floor finishes. It’s durable, lasting for up to 24 months even in high traffic areas. Vinyl Guard brings added strength to your floors, resisting several damages including:

  • Scratching
  • Marring
  • Marking
  • Abrasion
  • Fading

You can use our vinyl floor sealer in matte or high gloss finishes, depending on your preferences. Our sealers are applied quickly and easily, with little downtime during application. This means that you can apply Vinyl Guard and then get back to business quickly.image001-300x199

When you protect your vinyl and terrazzo flooring with our Vinyl Guard system, you’re doing more than just preserving the aesthetic appeal of your floors. This industrial floor coating also lowers your maintenance costs, truly paying for itself in just a few short months. In many commercial settings, Vinyl Guard can reduce maintenance costs between 30 and 60%! This is because it keeps your floors sealed and shining for months without the need for regular service. You’ll no longer need to strip and wax your vinyl and terrazzo flooring surfaces when you use our products.

In addition to lowering costs and helping to preserve the longevity of your flooring, our Vinyl Guard system can also increase the safety of your floors. Slip and fall injuries are a growing problem in today’s commercial settings, they can bring added legal costs. Vinyl Guard can add slip resistance and traction to your flooring, making them safer. Our Vinyl Floor Sealer exceeds traditional wax finishes and exceeds ADA standards along with National Floor Safety Institute standards. It boasts low odor and VOC’s making it eligible for LEED buildings.

Vinyl Guard can help increase the lifetime of your vinyl and terrazzo flooring by creating a sealed system that resists damages and stains. It helps reduce costs by eliminating the need for stripping and waxing, providing a durable matte or gloss finish for up to 24 months. Visit our online catalog today to discover your vinyl flooring solutions.

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