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Why Use Natural Stone Sealer?

Natural stone surfaces are the perfect way to add rustic charm to the interior and exterior spaces of your home or business. Many people assume that because natural stones are well, natural, they’re not going to be damaged by the elements in nature. At CoverTec Products, we know that natural stones such as tile mosaics, porcelain and slate are incredibly susceptible to staining and damage. That’s because these natural stones have pores that grab onto dirt, grime and other staining elements that that can destroy the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. The best way to keep staining at bay is to protect your surfaces with our natural stone sealer.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. You’re worried that if you use a natural stone sealer, your surfaces will yellow and become stained by the sealer itself. At CoverTec Products, we create the best stain resistant sealing products, ones that are non-yellowing, UV resistant and incredibly durable. You can count on our natural stone sealers to protect you surfaces without damaging the beauty that makes natural stone so desirable in the first place. For example, or CoverSeal PEN55 is perfect for exterior natural stone surfaces. That’s because this non yellowing UV resistant sealer resists rain, oil, airborne dirt, smog and other contaminants. It’s trusted for the protection of pool decks, brick pavers, natural stone and even historic buildings. CoverSeal PEN55 creates the perfect oil resistant clear barrier for all types of natural stone surfaces.

Our CoverSeal AC250 is another option for successfully coating and protecting tile and natural stone surfaces. Available in high gloss wet look and matte finishes, our CoverSeal AC250 can protect exterior and interior natural stone surfaces. It simplifies cleaning while helping seal tile, grout, unglazed tiles, roof tiles, concrete and even slate. Just like CoverSeal PEN55, our CoverSeal AC250 is non yellowing and highly water repellant. It also resist oils, stains and chemical solvents. CoverSeal AC205 can help protect your surfaces for the best water, stain and abrasion resistance around.

When you protect your surfaces with a natural stone sealer from our selections at CoverTec Products, you’ll find that maintaining these surfaces is easier than ever before. Additionally, our stain resistant sealing products help keep mold and mildew from finding solace in the pores of your natural stone surfaces. Natural stone flooring, tiles, walls and other surfaces are prized for their beauty, and our natural stone sealers at CoverTec Products can help preserve the beauty of your natural flooring. Ready to protect your natural stone surfaces? Learn more here!

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