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We offer Proven Quality concrete cleaners for commercial, residential and industrial use.

If you have interior concrete or terrazzo, and you're looking for a good cleaner to clean and maintain the floor, then our GlossClean is a good choice.

This is a neutral  pH balanced  green cleaner. It’s a concentrate that’s very easy to use. It’s very economical, and it won't leave a residue. This product is ideal for commercial and residential cleaning.

If you have more of a greasy floor, oily floor - maybe in a restaurant or in a shopping mall - and you need to remove that grease, or stop the floor from being slippery, the Emerald cleaner, is an excellent choice.

It's an enzyme-based green cleaner that will digest and remove that oil. Again, it's  non toix very safe to use indoors on concrete, natural stone tile and grout.
It won't leave a residue. It's a concentrate so it's also very economical.

If you have more of a warehouse, workshop or industrial environment, and you need to clean oil from the floor daily, then you can use our SurfaceClean.

This is a concentrate alkaline cleaner. It's a professional grade degreaser that you can dilute to suit your cleaning needs. It's very cost-effective to clean off stains from hard surface floors.  When applied undiluted it can be used for stripping acylic and latex paint


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